New International Spider-man Trailers + Posters

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The first trailers we saw for The Amazing Spider-man were mostly teasers, eluding to the story of spiderman, and the new twists this next installment will bring. These new international trailers give us a lot more to go on. They show spider-man in action and more scenes from his past. Finally, we see our hero in action against the villain, The Lizard.

Some of this footage you will recognize from the earlier trailers released in February, but each one has some additional scene, making these new trailers worth the watch.

Along with the new trailers, some new posters have hit theaters as well. The graphics keep in line with the overall darker and grittier rendition this film is expected to deliver. Spider-Man is joining the Batman series in those terms, producers electing to take the stories more seriously.



More and more publicity is expected to be released until the film opens in July, so stay tunes for more posters, trailers, and other promotional material in the coming months.

As an interesting side note, Mary-Jane Watson does not appear in any of these trailers and will not appear in the film, rather Emma Stone is the lead as Gwen Stacy, the producers electing to use Peter Parker's original girlfriend. I wonder if she will make her way into the story in the sequels.

Most thoughts about super hero movies this summer are about The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, but I think The Amazing Spider-man is going to surprise a lot of people in the box office. The Spiderman films tend to do a lot better with women than other super hero movies. That added element will bring in a lot more money, as many turn it into a date movie.

The Amazing Spiderman is set to premiere July 3rd, 2012.

What do you think? Will this movie bring a new twist on the spiderman franchise, or is this just a cash grab?

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