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Yahoo Partners With Intel On TV Widgets

Intel and Yahoo have announced plans to introduce widgets to television via set-top boxes.

The application is called the Widget Channel and will allow viewers to use rich Internet applications designed for TV while watching programs. The channel will be powered by the Yahoo Widget Engine.

Facebook, Intel Sign Server Agreement
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Facebook is pretty fast and reliable, and with Intel’s help, it’s doing its best to maintain or improve that level of performance.  The two companies have signed an agreement concerning infrastructure solutions.

Tech Giants Put Heads In Clouds

Uber-geeks have been talking for a while about cloud computing and how it’s the future, especially the geeks at Google, and later, Microsoft. Today, though, it’s a partnership between Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Yahoo generating the next wave of cloud computing buzz.

Intel Receiving Federal Antitrust Scrutiny
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The chipmaker’s long-standing dismissal of antitrust claims by its main rival, AMD, will receive a test as Federal Trade Commission regulators take a closer look at Intel.

Google May Start Working With Intel SSDs

Solid state drives aren’t exactly mainstream.  They would fit right in with the solar panels, Prius fleets, and organic food that can be found around the Googleplex, however, and that’s reportedly where they’re going.

New Communications Forum Discussion Questions

Today I will be moderating a panel at the New Communications Forum here in Santa Rosa, California which I’m particularly excited about because it’s exactly the kind of juicy broad topic that I think can yield really interesting discussions.

Panel Puts Out List Of Top Influences On Technology

Before we get into the details, please keep in mind that no one from WebProNews had any part in making this list.  But a list of influential people in technology is indeed out, and it puts Tim Berners-Lee, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page in the top three.Panel Puts Out List Of Top Influences On Technology

eComm 2008 is Coming Up

I noticed that eComm 2008 is coming up, 3/12-14.

Take a look at what Martin Gedd, on the advisory board, said on his blog:

New York Probing Intel On Antitrust Issue

The semi-dormant spat between Intel and AMD over Intel’s business practices heated up with a broad subpoena hitting Intel’s offices, courtesy of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

One Laptop Per Child Loses Intel

Intel announced they are leaving the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child project. OLPC produces low-cost laptops for developing nations.

Fighting and differences between the two couldn’t be bridged. It was six months ago Intel and OLPC founder Nick Negroponte announced they would work together to produce the laptops.

Information Overload Costing $650 Billion
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Information overload is being called the 2008 "Problem-of-the-Year" by research firm Basex.

Google, Intel Contribute To Turing Award

The recipient of this year’s Turing Award will also get $250,000, thanks to Google and Intel.  And thanks to the recipient’s own genius and “contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community,” of course.

Intel Joins One Laptop per Child

Intel said today they will be working with One Laptop per Child (OLPC) to bring technology to the developing world and that they will also be joining the board of OLPC.

Google, Intel, Launch Climate Initiative
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Google and Intel Corporation along with Dell, EDS, the Environmental Protection Agency, HP, IBM, Microsoft, PG&E, World Wildlife Fund, and 25 additional organizations announced today The Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

Intel Launches Tech Blog in Chinese
Intel, a current Ogilvy PR client, has just launched a new Chinese language blog focused on technology and is generating some great conversation through comments already. 

Google Inside Intel Advertising

Now that Google is using Intel processors in its servers, it only seemed fair that Intel give a little love back to its partner.

Intel did just that today, announcing that its hardware partners will be able to take advantage of Google AdWords as part of a central marketing platform.

FCC Petitioned By Google, MS, Dell, HP, Intel, Philips

Microsoft, Google, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Philips are petitioning the FCC to allow them to create a handheld internet device that uses vacated TV airwaves to establish wireless internet access.

I’m not exactly sure what the point is, except maybe to use all the now-useless TV rooftop antennas to create a new way of connecting homes to internet service providers, without laying tons of new cable. It’s all confusing, but the main thing is that a certain gadget blog embaressed themselves by prematurely assuming this was all about a Zune phone.

Google And Intel Kiss, Make Up

Intel has finally won Google back, and the Santa Clara-based company will now resume selling servers to the search engine giant. Reports indicate that Intel had to pull out all the stops to earn Google’s business, though; to be more exact, Intel produced some custom equipment.

Will Steve Jobs Let Mac OS Run on Intel Boxes?

An interesting development, tucked away in an article at Fortune magazine about the company behind the Parallels software program, which allows Mac users to run Windows in a virtual machine and switch back and forth (relatively) seamlessly.

Scoble Is The Intel Mystery Blogger

Rohit has revealed that the Intel mystery blogger is none other than Robert Scoble.

Mystery Blogger in Intels Blogger Challenge

So, the secret is out, I was the mystery blogger over on the Intel blogger challenge.

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