Intel Slashes Employee Pay Rather Than Reduce Dividend

Intel is showing where its priorities are, slashing employee pay in an effort to maintain its quarterly dividend.

Intel Loses $8 Billion Market Value in ‘Historic Collapse’

Intel’s recovery hit a major speedbump Friday as the company saw $8 billion of its market value wiped away, surprising analysts.

Intel CEO Calls China Sanctions ‘Inevitable,’ Says Supply Chain Must Rebalance

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has weighed in on US restrictions on China’s semiconductor industry, calling the measures “inevitable.”

Intel Unveils FakeCatcher, Real-Time Deepfake Detector

Intel has unveiled FakeCatcher, a real-time deepfake detector that delivers 96% accuracy in milliseconds.

MediaTek Opens the Door to a Move Away From Taiwan

MediaTek, one of the world’s leading smartphone chipmakers, is open to the possibility of moving away from Taiwan, at least ‘incrementally.’

Intel Prepares to Lay Off Thousands

Intel is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of workers amid a slump in demand for PCs.

Intel and Google Cloud Collaborate On New Data Center Semiconductor

Intel and Google Cloud have collaborated on a new chip designed for the data center, the E2000.

Linux 5.19.12 Kernel May Cause Damage to Some Displays

Linux users are being advised to skip kernel 5.19.12 due to a major bug impacting Intel machines.

Intel Wants Apple Back As a Customer

Intel has made it clear that it wants Apple back as a customer, despite Apple moving full speed ahead with its own chips.

Nvidia, Arm, and Intel Collaborate on AI Standard

Three of the biggest names in the semiconductor industry are collaborating on a new standard for AI interchange format.

Intel Signs $30 Billion Financing Deal With Brookfield to Expand Chip Factories

Intel is pulling an industry first, partnering with Brookfield Asset Management Inc to help fund its chip factory expansion.

US Chip Deal Would Stop Companies From Expanding Advanced Chip Production in China

The US passed a major piece of legislation aimed at revitalizing US semiconductor manufacturing, but it also does much to inhibit China’s chip industry.

Intel CEO Says It’s Time for ‘A Bit of Austerity’

Following a surprise $500 million loss on its latest quarterly report, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says the company needs “a bit of austerity.”

Semiconductor Bill Passes the House

The $280 billion semiconductor bill, aimed at helping revitalize the US chip industry, has overcome its final hurdle, passing in the US House.

Intel’s Rebound Hits Snags With $500 Million Loss and CPU Price Hikes

Intel just posted an unexpected $500 million loss for the quarter and will raise CPU prices, raising questions about its turnaround.

Intel Scores MediaTek As Foundry Customer

Intel has scored a major victory, securing Taiwan’s MediaTek as a customer for its foundry services.

TSMC May Edge Out Intel’s Quarterly Revenue for the First Time

TSMC’s rise to the world’s top semiconductor maker continues unabated, with the company about to hit a major milestone: beating Intel’s quarterly revenue.

Apple’s 5G Modem Efforts ‘May Have Failed’ and Qualcomm Benefits

Apple may be dealing with an uncharacteristic failure, with its 5G modem development efforts not going according to plans.

Intel Wants the EU to Pay It $624 Million in Interest Over Overturned Fine

Intel may have won its case to overturn a €1 billion fine antitrust fine in the EU, but the chipmaker is now pressing for interest to be paid.

EU Court Overturns Qualcomm’s $1 Billion Fine

Qualcomm scored a major win, with an EU court striking down a $1 billion fine against it and criticizing the EU Commission’s original ruling.