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Intel Will Spin Off PSG
Intel has announced plans to spin off Programmable Solutions Group (PSG), with standalone operations expected to begin January 1, 2024....
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Intel Is Going All-In on AI; Will Include It Across Entire Product Line
AI is taking the tech world by storm, and Intel is determined not to be left behind, with plans to include AI across all its products....
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Intel to Spend $25 Billion to Build Factory In Israel
Intel is continuing its expansion plans, spending $25 billion to build a new factory in Israel, marking the company's biggest investment in the countr...
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Intel Invests $33 Billion In Germany Expansion, Country Grants More Subsidies
Intel is investing $33 billion in its Germany expansion as the country backtracks and agrees to more subsidies....
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Germany Will Not Give Intel More Subsidies for Fabrication Plant
Germany has dealt Intel a blow, saying it will not give the chipmaker additional subsidies to help it build its “semiconductor fab mega-site.”...
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Apple, Intel Among Companies in Talks to Be ‘Anchor Investors’ in Arm IPO
Apple, Intel, and eight other companies are in talks to be an "anchor investor" in Arm Holdings' upcoming IPO....
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Apple and Nvidia Already First In Line to Test TSMC’s 2nm Chips
Apple and Nvidia have already secured their position as the first customers to test TSMC's 2nm chips when they arrive on the market....
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Intel’s Turnaround, and Pat Gelsinger’s Legacy, Is In Jeopardy
Intel's turnaround is not exactly going as planned, jeopardizing its future and CEO Pat Gelsinger's legacy as the architect of the company's plan....
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Intel Confirms Another Round of Layoffs
Intel has confirmed another round of layoffs, one that will impact its consumer CPU and data center divisions....
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Intel Is Rebranding Its Chips, Dropping the “i” From Its Core Line
Intel is rebranding its iconic line of chips, dropping the "i" from its Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 series of processors....
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Intel’s Latest Earnings Were a Bloodbath
The hits keep on coming for Intel, with the latest earnings report delivering the worst quarterly loss in company history....
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Intel Makes a Play for Arm Manufacturing
Intel Foundry Services is making a play for Arm business, collaborating with the UK chip firm to manufacture the chips it designs....
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Intel Is Losing Its Head of Graphics
Intel is losing Raja Koduri, its head of graphics, when the company is trying to take on Nvidia and AMD....
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Intel Slashes Employee Pay Rather Than Reduce Dividend
Intel is showing where its priorities are, slashing employee pay in an effort to maintain its quarterly dividend....
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Intel Loses $8 Billion Market Value in ‘Historic Collapse’
Intel's recovery hit a major speedbump Friday as the company saw $8 billion of its market value wiped away, surprising analysts....
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AMD Continues to Chip Away at Intel’s Server Dominance
AMD is continuing to make inroad against Intel in the server market, chipping away (pun intended) at the latter's lead....
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Intel CEO Calls China Sanctions ‘Inevitable,’ Says Supply Chain Must Rebalance
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has weighed in on US restrictions on China’s semiconductor industry, calling the measures “inevitable.”...
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Intel Unveils FakeCatcher, Real-Time Deepfake Detector
Intel has unveiled FakeCatcher, a real-time deepfake detector that delivers 96% accuracy in milliseconds....
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MediaTek Opens the Door to a Move Away From Taiwan
MediaTek, one of the world's leading smartphone chipmakers, is open to the possibility of moving away from Taiwan, at least 'incrementally.'...
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Intel Prepares to Lay Off Thousands
Intel is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of workers amid a slump in demand for PCs....
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