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Hulu Launches New Design That’s All About Discovery Hulu Launches New Design That’s All About Discovery
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Hulu has just unveiled a big redesign to their site that changes up the look, but also adds features and sections that aim to help users find the shows they want to watch, when they want to watch them. Hulu …

Nintendo Offers One Free Month Of Hulu Plus Nintendo Offers One Free Month Of Hulu Plus

It’s another week and that means another Nintendo Download. The company is still celebrating the Month of Mario with sales on classic Mario games. While the 3DS and Wii U receives all the attention these days, Nintendo would like to …

Hulu and Roku Team Up For a Father’s Day Deal Hulu and Roku Team Up For a Father’s Day Deal
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In honor of Father’s Day, Hulu and Roku have teamed up to provide a deal that just might be good enough to get your dad to cancel his cable subscription. The special bundle comes with a Roku HD player, 6 …

Death for DVD, up with Streaming Video [Infographic] Death for DVD, up with Streaming Video [Infographic]
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Although physical DVD’s are still bringing in a lot of revenue for movie studios, they are slowly joining the ranks of Betamax, VHS, and Laserdisc. We all know it’s coming, in todays online streaming video world, DVD’s are the tools …

Hulu Plus Now Available On Seven More Android Tablets Hulu Plus Now Available On Seven More Android Tablets

Have an Android tablet and a Hulu Plus subscription? There’s a good chance that your device is now supported on the Hulu Plus app. Today, Hulu is announcing that Hulu Plus is now available on seven new Android tablets (running …

Hulu Plus Now Available On More Devices Hulu Plus Now Available On More Devices
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Starting today, you can access Hulu Plus on three more devices, which brings the total number of devices that offer Hulu’s streaming content to just over two dozen. From the Hulu blog: I’m pleased to announce that Hulu Plus is …

Hulu Plus On Wii Now A Reality Hulu Plus On Wii Now A Reality
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Today, Wii owners are getting another option when it comes to streaming content. Hulu has announced that its paid subscription service, Hulu Plus, is now available through the Nintendo Wii. “We want to be everywhere, on every screen where people …

Hulu Is A Big Deal And They’re Getting Bigger Hulu Is A Big Deal And They’re Getting Bigger

Hulu had a big year in 2011 and they want everybody to know. Hulu posted the results of last year on their blog while offering some hints on what the future will hold for the online television streaming service. Hulu …

Hulu Plus On Its Way To Wii And Nintendo 3DS Hulu Plus On Its Way To Wii And Nintendo 3DS

Hulu announced that Hulu Plus will soon be coming to the Nintendo Wii and 3DS systems. In a blog post, Hulu writes: We are working hard to make sure you can get Hulu Plus on every internet-connected video screen in …

Criterion Collection Comes To Hulu Plus

Film students, movie buffs, and people who are simply budget-minded now have more reason than ever to join Hulu Plus.  A new deal will see hundreds of Criterion Collection movies become available through the service without commercial interruption and at no extra charge.

The Criterion Collection is legendary in some circles.  Since 1984, it’s specialized in high-quality editions of rare, critically acclaimed films.  Prices can top $100 per movie, and sometimes just hundreds of copies are sold.

Hulu Plus To Become Available On Some Android Phones

Individuals who both own an Android phone and subscribe to Hulu Plus are perhaps not the poorest folks around (food and shelter tend to come before data plans and entertainment services), but soon enough, they may get more for their money.  Hulu Plus is supposed to become available on certain Android phones sometime this year.

Hulu Attributes Unexpected Revenue Growth To Hulu Plus

Early reviews of Hulu Plus weren’t too favorable, with most folks coming to the conclusion that Netflix was a better deal.  The newer service has cut its price and improved its content selection, however, and as a result, apparently caught on to the point that it helped Hulu earn an unanticipated $20 million.

Hulu CEO Interested In New Investors, International Growth
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Hulu’s a nice service, but for everyone not living in America, there’s a major problem: the site’s been unavailable to them so far.  Now, although there are no guarantees, it looks like Hulu’s starting to explore ways it might open up to new audiences.

Hulu Plus Gets 20 Percent Price Cut

Hulu Plus has – at least to some degree – heard and acknowledged its critics.  This morning, an announcement indicated that the service’s content library is growing and its price is shrinking as it launches out of preview.  Also, as a sort of bonus, Hulu Plus is becoming available on Roku.

Hulu Plus Makes Appearance On Sony Dash

Hulu Plus, the $9.99 per month service that has so far failed to attract much positive attention, scored another (small) victory today.  Now Hulu Plus is available through the Sony Dash, a device designed to inhabit bedrooms, kitchens, and offices.

Hulu Plus Improves Availability, Selection

Thanks to a sizable collection of updates, anyone who’s been wanting to try Hulu Plus can now do so, and anyone who hasn’t might want to reconsider his (or her) opinion.  This morning, Hulu made Hulu Plus more accessible, and, for some people, cheaper.

Rumors Hint At Hulu Plus Price Cut

With its limited selection of content, still-present ads, and price of $9.99 per month, Hulu Plus doesn’t appear to have been a hit so far.  Now, however, there’s a rumor Hulu’s going to see what sort of interest there is at the price point of $4.95 per month.

Peter Kafka‘s usually-reliable sources told him that discussions are underway.  They didn’t guarantee that a change will take place, or indicate when the matter might be decided for sure.

CBS President Expresses Interest In Hulu Plus
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Although there are no guarantees, the president and CEO of CBS has indicated that he might finally allow some of his network’s content to be shown by Hulu.  The interesting catch: it’s actually the premium service Hulu Plus with which Leslie Moonves wants to deal.

Hulu Plus v2.02 Released
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Fair warning: Hulu Plus remains in a state of "limited preview," and its controversial fee/commercial setup hasn’t changed, either.  But v2.02 was released this morning, and it should go a ways towards making Hulu Plus more attractive to potential users.

Hulu Plus Makes It To PS3

Although a fair number of people have hooked computers up to televisions, and a few folks might be willing to stare at their monitors for hours on end, a new development should help Hulu reach a much larger crowd.  Hulu’s now available through the PS3.

A couple of quick notes regarding the current state of things: only PS3 Plus subscribers are allowed access to Hulu Plus (meaning there are two fees involved), and this is still considered a "limited preview," so even among PS3 Plus subscribers, not everyone will be allowed to participate.

Hulu Plus Launches for Ten Bucks a Month
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We’ve known for quite some time that Hulu was working on a paid service, and the time has finally come. Hulu launched Hulu Plus today. It’s both ad-supported AND requires a subscription. Hulu says this is revolutionary.

Here are some details to know about Hulu Plus:

1. It’s available on select Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. This requires you to download a Hulu Plus app from the Samsung app store.

2. It’s available on the iPad. You can access it via Wi-fi or 3G.