Hulu Plus Launches On Wii U Earlier Than Expected

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At launch, the Wii U is missing many of its promised multimedia features. The much hyped Nintendo TVii will be MIA until December, and it seemed like all the other streaming services, except for Netflix, would be delayed as well. Well, you can now add another streaming service that's made it to the Wii U ahead of schedule.

Hulu Plus launched somewhat unceremoniously on the Wii U yesterday evening. In fact, I wouldn't have even known about it if the Hulu Plus Miiverse community had not gone live. Now that it is live, however, Hulu Plus subscribers can start enjoying their favorite TV shows with the added benefit of the second screen experience offered by the Wii U.

A minor complaint with the Netflix app is that the Gamepad doesn't add anything to the experience. It would appear that the Hulu Plus app does a little more by supplying expanded information on the Gamepad for each TV show that you're watching.

Of course, the major feature once again is that you can move the video to the Gamepad for private viewing. It's especially handy for those with children as the parents can watch their favorite TV shows while the kid can watch TV shows on the Gamepad.

Speaking of kids, Hulu Plus on the Wii U is launching with its Hulu Kids section. It features over 43 shows and it's all commercial free.

After Hulu Plus and Netflix, the Wii U is now only lacking Amazon Instant Video and YouTube. Those two services are still pegged for launch in December, but they could launch earlier than that.