Nintendo Offers One Free Month Of Hulu Plus

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It's another week and that means another Nintendo Download. The company is still celebrating the Month of Mario with sales on classic Mario games. While the 3DS and Wii U receives all the attention these days, Nintendo would like to remind you that the Wii still exists. That's why they're offering a free month of Hulu Plus to all Wii owners.

You heard that right, folks. All Wii owners, starting tomorrow, can get access to a free month of Hulu Plus. It's all to celebrate the launch of the Hulu Plus Family Section which is available exclusively on the Wii platform. It's similar to the Netflix Just for Kids option, but Hulu claims to have such beloved child properties like Bratz, Caillou and Dragon Ball Z. It's nowhere near as good as Netflix' option, but we all can't have an exclusive agreement with The Hub.

Aside from the Hulu Plus trial offer, users can also download 3D sports highlights this week on the 3DS. Some folks really seem to like watching sports on 3D televisions, so the glasses free 3DS only makes sense. They didn't announce any specific sports reels, but they did say that it would be "this summer's biggest sporting events in stop-motion 3D."

As for games, this week sees the release of Commando: Steel Disaster. The game puts players into the role of a specialist named Storm in a game that looks very much like Metal Slug. If you like side scrolling action games, you might want to give this one a shot.

The other games hitting this week include Touch Battle Tank 3D for the 3DS eShop and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special for the Virtual Console. Both games will satisfy your itch for arcade action with Fatal Fury being the real standout. If you haven't treated yourself to an SNK fighter yet, there's no better time than the present.

As for the Month of Mario discount, this week sees Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins going on sale for $2.99. Super Mario Land 2 was the first game to feature Wario and it's easily one of the best Mario games ever made.

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