Hulu and Roku Team Up For a Father's Day Deal

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In honor of Father's Day, Hulu and Roku have teamed up to provide a deal that just might be good enough to get your dad to cancel his cable subscription. The special bundle comes with a Roku HD player, 6 months of Hulu Plus, and an HDMI cable, all for only $80. If you've wanted an excuse to get a streaming player such as a Roku, this might be your best chance to get one at a low price until Black Friday comes around. The Roku deal is available for purchase from the Roku website for a limited time only- the offer expires on Father's Day, June 17.

Meanwhile, Hulu is promoting the deal over at the Hulu Blog. Eric Berman, Manager of distribution partnerships at Hulu, relates an anecdote involving his father and a Roku in the blog post:

Last year, I set up a Roku and Hulu Plus on my dad’s huge, brand new TV. Now it was my turn to introduce my dad to some of my favorite shows. The pressure was on to deliver great TV.

I brought up a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, and after laughing hysterically at Steve Buscemi’s Batman clip, we began diving into a whole slew of classic SNL clips. And just like old times, he turned me to one of his favorites: the John Belushi “Samurai Hitman.”

The Batman video Berman refers to is embedded below, and it actually is pretty funny. It perfectly demonstrates how Christian Bale's edgier, more serious Batman is still as silly as the other live action Batmans, just in his own gravely-voiced way. Also, more Steve Buscemi comedy acting always welcome.

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