Hulu Launches New Design That's All About Discovery

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Hulu has just unveiled a big redesign to their site that changes up the look, but also adds features and sections that aim to help users find the shows they want to watch, when they want to watch them. Hulu wants you to find those "hidden gems," and that what this UI update is all about.

"As we worked on the new layout for the site, we kept two things in the backs of our minds: How can we make it easier for you to find and enjoy the best TV moments on your computer? And how can we surround those moments with the most beautiful, elegant and innovative video experience on the web?" said VP of Product Rob Wong.

First off, they've replaced the traditional format with a new one featuring larger images. This includes shots from last night's episodes of shows featured on the service as well as within a new "tray-style" format below the featured program. As you go down the homepage, you'll see recommended picks (based on your previous viewing habits), as well as popular content (based on others' viewing habits).

You'll also find new Staff Picks on the homepage. Today, those start out with hand-picked collections of clips like "SNL for President."

Since this update is all about discovery, Hulu has updated their search bar at the top of pages. They've also tweaked how users navigate the site with the "Browse" feature. "Use the “Browse” menu to easily jump to popular content, content recently added to the site, specific networks, recommendations and more from any page on Hulu," says Wong.

Check out the video welcome to the all new Hulu below:

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