Hulu Plus On PlayStation 3 Gets Major Improvements

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The PlayStation 3 has proven to be one of the best devices for watching digital video content. All the major players - Netflix, Amazon and Hulu - have taken to the device. The Hulu Plus app has been one of the more popular additions to the PS3 and the team at Hulu are dedicated to making it the best.

Hulu announced that a major facelift came to their PS3 app yesterday. The change was designed to "help you get to the shows you watch faster than ever before." The first step to a better experience is changing the UI to a tray-style format that brings up recommendations based on your viewing history. All in all, it looks very nice.

Hulu Plus PS3 App

They have also added a "Shows You Watch" feature. Just like how Netflix handles television shows, choosing a TV show on the Hulu Plus app now takes you to the latest episode so you don't have to mess around with trying to find the right episode within multiple seasons.

The search function has also received an update. No more will you have to enter a search term and then be ushered to a different page with results. The results will now appear directly below the search box with all the episodes that Hulu has for the series in question.

Hub pages have also received a significant update. It's simplified and clean while giving you access to everything you need to know about the show in question.

PS3 Hulu Plus

Playback has also been simplified. Users will need to only press up or down to display the playback menu. The left and right buttons on the d-pad have been assigned to rewind and fast-forward respectively.

Hulu Plus has definitely kicked it up a notch. The Netflix PS3 app is in dire need of an upgrade and hopefully Hulu will force their hand in the matter. Having video apps on the PS3 is great, but not when half the experience is ruined by a cumbersome UI. Hulu seems to have fixed that problem, but now we just have to wait for the others to follow suit. Looking at you, YouTube.

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