Windows 8 Gets A Hulu Plus App At Launch

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The Windows 8 announcements are starting to slowly trickle out as we approach the official launch of the operating system on Friday. Earlier this afternoon, Skype gave us an inside look at what the service will look like on Windows 8. Now Hulu is detailing their own Windows 8 app.

Hulu announced today that Hulu Plus is coming to Windows 8 with a design that "leverages core Microsoft design principles with [their] touch-optimized experience." By that, they mean that it uses live tiles to deliver relevant content to users in a manner that's easy to grasp. Here's a preview of the app in action:

The best part about the new Hulu Plus app may be that it lets users pin TV shows to the start screen on Windows 8. The pin will notify you when a new episode is available. It's an incredibly useful feature that helps set Windows 8 apart from other platforms.

Windows 8 Hulu Plus

Just like in Skype, the Hulu Plus app also supports Snap View. This lets users push one app to the side of the screen while they work on something else. The folks at Hulu suggest you watch "Gossip Girl" while writing a dissertation on proving Fermat's Last Theorem.

Windows 8 Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus will be available in the Windows Store on October 26 for all general users. Those who have early RTM access to Windows 8 can get the Hulu Plus app starting today. It will also come preloaded on select Acer and Sony Windows 8 tablets.

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