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“Pay With Lovin”: McDonald’s Gives Away Free Food To Customers Who Show Love

As announced on their latest Super Bowl ad, McDonald’s is launching a new campaign called “Pay with Lovin’”. Beginning on Monday, February 2, from 6 a.m. to 6p.m., McDonald’s will be offering random customers a chance to pay with an act “lovin’” instead of cash. Such acts include a fistbump, a phonecall to a loved one, a kiss, etc. Deborah …

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Father’s Day Freebies Becoming Increasingly More Common

Father’s Day freebies are something that any father on a budget can appreciate. The holiday only comes once a year, so why not treat yourself, right? According to a recent report, those in the business of celebrating holidays with promotions are just starting to offer Father’s Day specials. The offers, mostly available at restaurants, are trying to bring in customers …

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Krispy Kreme Apps, Now You Know When You Can Get a Free Hot Original Doughnut

Who doesn’t love a free Hot Original Glazed doughnut that has just come off of the line? But waiting for the neon glow of the “Hot Now” lights isn’t feasible for most people. Well a new app from Krispy Kreme will notify you when you can get those fresh, warm, and heavenly rings of dough. The Hot Light Online app …

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