“Pay With Lovin": McDonald's Gives Away Free Food To Customers Who Show Love

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As announced on their latest Super Bowl ad, McDonald’s is launching a new campaign called “Pay with Lovin’”. Beginning on Monday, February 2, from 6 a.m. to 6p.m., McDonald’s will be offering random customers a chance to pay with an act “lovin’” instead of cash. Such acts include a fistbump, a phonecall to a loved one, a kiss, etc.

Deborah Wahl, chief marketing manager for McDonald’s USA, said, “We're on a journey of transformation and a key part of that journey is how we engage with our customers. Pay with Lovin' is a direct way for us to engage with our customers. We believe that a little more Lovin' can change a lot.”

It works like this: after the chosen customer places an order, a guest service manager called a “Lovin’ Lead” will inform said customer that he can pay with an act of “lovin’” instead of cash.  “There's a lot that goes on in the world and if a brand like ours can really come across and provide those good moments, provide that delight, that treat and that excitement, that's what we should be doing for our customers,” Deborah Wahl said.

McDonald’s hopes that word of the campaign will be spread through word of mouth. Chosen customers are urged to post their pictures on their social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to McDonald’s, they will be selecting 100 customers a day in the span of 12 days. They estimate that each meal will cost around $5.60, with the total of free food averaging around $560 per restaurant.

A man named Dennis Cochran was among the first to be chosen to “Pay with Lovin’”. Cochran ordered a burger, fries and unsweetened tea, and was surprised when he was asked to dance instead of paying for his meal with cash. “I had knee replacement 10 days ago, but it was worth it,” Cochran said.

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