Krispy Kreme Apps, Now You Know When You Can Get a Free Hot Original Doughnut


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Who doesn't love a free Hot Original Glazed doughnut that has just come off of the line? But waiting for the neon glow of the "Hot Now" lights isn't feasible for most people.

Well a new app from Krispy Kreme will notify you when you can get those fresh, warm, and heavenly rings of dough. The Hot Light Online app allows you to map your nearest Krispy Kreme location from your phone and it alerts you when the "Hot Now" light goes on.

Krispy Kreme has created six new apps to help you tweet, find your nearest location, and get notified:


One person commented on Krispy Kreme's Facebook Page that this app was going to make her fatter while another called the Hot Now light the red light of temptation.