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Fox, CBS, NBC File Suit Against Dish Network Hopper Fox, CBS, NBC File Suit Against Dish Network Hopper
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A couple of weeks ago, Dish Network unveiled and released a new technology which automatically does what we all do anyways. Skip commercials. The Hopper is the kind of technology that can make people switch from the highly superior DirecTV. …

Carmen Electra, Rob Kardashian to Appear on FOX Dating Show
· 3

Carmen Electra, Rob Kardashian, Tyson Beckford, and scores of other D-list celebrities are scheduled to appear on this summer’s FOX dating show “The Choice”. The program, which rhymes with NBC’s singing competition in more ways than one, will pair these …

‘The Simpsons’ Rips on Fox News (again)
· 1

The Simpsons has a long history of making fun of the company that airs its program, especially a certain branch of that company that touts itself for its “Fair and Balanced” news coverage. They continued that tradition with a jab …

American Idol To Air Dick Clark Tribute Tonight

Earlier today American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, took to Twitter to inform his 6+ million followers that the show is “putting together a tribute for Dick Clark”. This really comes as now surprise, as the two were longtime friends, and …

Glee’s Spring 2012 Teaser Promo Released
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For the FOX hit show Glee‘s current mid-season break, the producers and writers of the show introduced an element that the show has never experienced before… a cliffhanger. Glee has always been soft within its themes, making it friendly to …

Simpsons Opening Sequence Goes All Game of Thrones Simpsons Opening Sequence Goes All Game of Thrones

Last night, Fox’s long-staying The Simpsons featured a pretty awesome opening sequence which paid homage to HBO’s Game of Thrones. At first the intro seems normal, but everything changes when Marge hits homer and sends him flying him through the …

Fox And Warner Brothers SanDisk Your Western Digital Fox And Warner Brothers SanDisk Your Western Digital

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Group, SanDisk, and Western Digital announce today that they are teaming-up to provide a unique and enhanced user viewing experience with something they are tentatively calling “Project Phenix”. The project features …

X-factor Host Steve Jones Dismissed As Host X-factor Host Steve Jones Dismissed As Host

According to a recent story the now one time host of Fox’s X-factor has been let go. rumors have been circulating for a while that he may not continue his post. representatives earlier dismissed it as a fabrication, but now …

An “All Simpsons” Television Station? An “All Simpsons” Television Station?

Would you welcome an “all The Simpsons, all the time” channel into your life? Whatever your reaction, it may be time to make room for such a venture, provided the guys at Fox can demonstrate how much extra revenue such …

Netflix Reaches Deal With Fox To Stream “Glee” Netflix Reaches Deal With Fox To Stream “Glee”

Netflix said today it has expanded its distribution deal with Twentieth Century Fox to make more TV shows available for instant streaming. Under the agreement Netflix is providing its members access to the first season of “Glee” and the first …

Fox Jumps On The “Block Google TV” Bandwagon Fox Jumps On The “Block Google TV” Bandwagon
· 3

Much like its competitors (ABC, CBS, and NBC) Fox has decided to block Google TV from accessing its website to stream video content. Currently if you go to any of the networks website you’re met with an error message that …

Hulu Should Be Better at What it Does
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Late last week, a deal between FOX and DISH Network came to an end, leaving DISH Network subscribers without FX, FOX Sports, and the National Geographic Channel. FOX raised their rates and DISH didn’t want to pay. While the two companies continue negotiations, some of us wonder how we are going to watch the shows that we regularly enjoy. 

Apple to Update Apple TV (with Netflix), iTunes, iPod Touch
· 1

Apple announced that it will be streaming an event online today at Apple.com, at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern.

"Apple will broadcast its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards," the company says.

The whole thing is so open, you have to use a Mac running Safari on Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard, an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 3.0 or higher or an iPad. In other words you have to have bought an Apple device to view it.

MySpace and Fox Audience Network Get Integrated
· 3

News Corp. is integrating its Fox Audience Network (FAN) business directly with MySpace. The company says this will allow MySpace to leverage the FAN team and technology platform. This comes as FAN President Adam Bain leaves the company for Twitter.

American Idol Hits With “Pants On The Ground”

American Idol may be only two episodes into its ninth season, but the show already has a big online hit on its hands.  63-year-old Larry Platt performed a self-written song called "Pants on the Ground" last night, and hundreds of thousands of people are talking about his energetic routine today.

Fox Launches iPhone DVD Trivia App

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has launched an iPhone and computer application called FoxPop, aimed at offering users a more interactive experience while they watch DVDs or Blu-ray Disc.

Responses To Twitter and Fox’s Social Media TV Experiment

Earlier this week we told you of Fox and Twitter teaming up to create some buzz about repeats of the shows Fringe and Glee. Well, hopefully there is no such thing as bad press because the comments we received about the experiment were unanimous: FAIL! Check out our impassioned reader feedback.

Ginger Says:

September 3rd, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Justin.tv Steps Up Copyright Protection Efforts
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Justin.tv has just announced a new copyright protection process it is initiating. The site is working with Vobile to filter content on Justin.tv using their database of content.

Hulu Traffic Surpasses the Networks for First Time
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Compete is pointing to some interesting data, and suggesting that Hulu’s "evil plot to take over the world" might just be working. The popular video site has surpassed NBC, FOX and ABC’s websites in traffic for the first time. And that was last month.

"The networks’ traffic declined during the summer rerun season, but Hulu seems relatively unaffected," notes Compete’s Seth Madison.

Massive Layoffs Await MySpace Employees

Layoff described by one source as ":massive" are coming to MySpace although there is no official word yet from the company.  MySpace shed 5% of its staff a year ago and laid of as many as 45 more last month. But these cuts will go far deeper, according to TechCrunch and could hit several hundred. Management will inevitably blame a tough economy and plummeting ad revenue, but declining traffic is the real culprit.

Online Video Use Rises In April

It seems that more people are watching video online these days. Maybe it’s the rise in unemployment where people are finding more ‘free time’ these days rather than having to be hassled with a job. Maybe it’s the folks at their desks trying to while away the time since there is no business being done? Maybe it’s the high quality of most video on the Internet? Maybe it’s the ‘job outsourcing” craze?

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