Carmen Electra, Rob Kardashian to Appear on FOX Dating Show

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Carmen Electra, Rob Kardashian, Tyson Beckford, and scores of other D-list celebrities are scheduled to appear on this summer's FOX dating show "The Choice". The program, which rhymes with NBC's singing competition in more ways than one, will pair these supposedly famous individuals with normal, everyday guys and gals in the name of love. I'm sorry, I meant to say ratings. I often get the two confused.

The premise sounds vaguely familiar: Four celebrities will sit in chairs with their backs to a host of potential suitors, each of whom will try their best to woo these celebrities. After three rounds of blind, televised courtship, the chairs will spin around, revealing the objects of their respective affection. Love, we're to assume, will eventually blossom. However, if I were a betting man, the odds are stacked against anyone finding their soulmate.

"What started out as a goof ended up being a ridiculously good format," said Mike Darnell, president of FOX's alternative series division. "It really feels like a hit."

If the participation of Electra and Kardashian aren't enough to get you to tune in, perhaps you'll enjoy the love-oriented antics of Tyson Beckford, Joe Jonas, Dean Cain, Rocco DiSpirito, Warren Sapp, Finesse Mitchell, Romeo, Jeremy Bloom, Jason Cook, Michael Catherwood, Seth Wescott, Parker Young, Ndamukong Suh, Dr. Robert Nettles, Taylor Hicks, Mike Sorrentino, Rob Gronkowski, Steven Lopez, Hope Dworaczyk, Rima Fakih, and Sophie Monk. Slim pickings, I know, but what did you expect from a summer TV show on FOX?

"The Choice", which is hosted by Cat Deeley, airs June 7th.

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