Fox Jumps On The "Block Google TV" Bandwagon


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Much like its competitors (ABC, CBS, and NBC) Fox has decided to block Google TV from accessing its website to stream video content. Currently if you go to any of the networks website you're met with an error message that reads, "This content is not compatible with your device".

Does it make any sense that networks are blocking content from Google TV? Tell us your thoughts.

It looks like Google has a long negotiating road ahead of them. According to TheNextWeb, "Google was said to be in negotiations with at least three television networks to unblock the content but that news surfaced towards the end of October and we're now approaching the middle of November and it looks as if things have regressed rather than move forward."

Why does blocking content to viewers ever seem like a good idea? Well it seems that networks don't want television and online content to cross paths, as online content pulls in far less ad revenue compared to on-air commercials. Networks want you to watch their actual broadcasts.

When do you think Google will reach agreements with the networks? Let us know.