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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Group, SanDisk, and Western Digital announce today that they are teaming-up to provide a unique and enhanced user viewing experience with something they are tentatively calling "Project Phenix". The project features new ways to protect, store, transport, purchase, and view movies, series, and television shows.

The aspirations for the project include providing consumers with the ultimate in versatility by offering more viewing, purchasing, resolution and quality options.The project is overseen by the newly created Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA). Founded as an LLC, the organization will develop and license solutions that protect high definition and other premium copyright-protected content on local and portable hard drives, and flash memory devices.

Mike Dunn, President of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment: comments on their vision for 'Project Phenix' :

"The vision for this new product is to store, play and back up in the cloud personal and professional content,"

"The device renders content up to 10 times faster than over-the-top internet. We see Project Phenix as a key component of the emerging digital ecosystem."

Sumit Sadana, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at SanDisk comments on the new project:

"Consumers around the world will finally be able to enjoy locally stored premium Hollywood content in up to 1080p quality anywhere they desire on a broad range of electronic devices,"

"With the involvement of major Hollywood studios and leaders in the HDD and Flash memory industries, the SCSA alliance's openly licensable security standard holds the promise of fostering new device capabilities, new business models and ultimately improved value for consumers. SanDisk is very pleased to participate in this ground breaking alliance."

Bert Hesselink, CTO of Western Digital Branded Products adds his input:

"The SCSA will provide consumers with a digital solution for movies and TV shows that is as simple to use as DVD and Blu-ray discs,"

"The SCSA solution will allow the consumer to store high definition purchased content, including copies of certain DVD content, in a secure, consumer-owned digital home library on a hard drive, along with their personal photos, music, and videos. Digital library content can be easily viewed inside the home on a TV, PC or tablet, or when owners are on the move with a portable library copy, providing mobile viewing even when a reliable Internet connection is not available, such as a plane, car, train or remote location."

Darcy Antonellis, President of Warner Brothers Technical Operations adds to to the sentiments:

"Developing solutions that will allow consumers to easily access and store true HD digital content is a critical component supporting digital media and entertainment consumption,"

"Through the SCSA, we will accelerate the development of products that will make it easy for the consumer to download, store and playback their high definition digital movies and TV shows, in full 1080p, on any SCSA-optimized device at home and on the go."

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