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Foursquare Experiments With NFC at Google I/O Foursquare Experiments With NFC at Google I/O

Today begins the 2011 Google I/O conference, which will bring thousands of developers to San Francisco to immerse themselves in the world of next gen applications.  Foursquare has teamed up with Google at this year’s conference to offer a look …

Foursquare’s Future: Predictive Check-Ins, Recommendations Foursquare’s Future: Predictive Check-Ins, Recommendations

Foursquare should be excited about its current success in the check-in sphere. Not only did they recently surpass 8 million users, but 4sq day on April 16th was an enormous hit, shattering records for check-ins on a single day and …

Foursquare Day Success: 3 Million Check-ins Plus Foursquare Day Success: 3 Million Check-ins Plus

I told myself I would stop.  I really did.  I told myself that there was really no reason to check-in on Foursquare to every bar and restaurant that I visited.  Nobody really cares where I am, right?  Well, even if …

April 16th Declared Foursquare Day April 16th Declared Foursquare Day

According to Wikipedia, this Saturday marks the shared birthday of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Belichick, Peter Billingsley, Jon Cryer, and Martin Lawrence.  Only now it will also, according to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, be Foursquare Day. Bloomberg issued an …

Google Latitude Check-In Offers Take On Foursquare Google Latitude Check-In Offers Take On Foursquare
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Back in February, Google added check-ins to Google Latitude, the company’s social location-based service. The feature found its way to the iPhone a couple weeks ago. During SXSW, Google rolled out check-in offers for 60 places around Austin, Texas, and …

Foursquare Rewards Check-ins With Food…For Your Dog
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In “wow, that’s actually a great idea” news, a German pet food company, GranataPet, has found an interesting way to market its product – free samples via Foursquare check-in. Dog users in countries where GranataPet is available (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) …

GetGlue Foursquare Integration Announced

If you aren’t familiar with GetGlue, it is a smartphone app that allows users to check-in to activities in a way similar to how users check-in to places via Foursquare.  For instance, a GetGlue user could check into entertainment such …

Foursquare Shows Interest In UK Expansion

Check-in company Foursquare may itself be on the move in a sense.  Although nothing’s certain just yet, its cofounder and CEO, Dennis Crowley, has gone on the record stating that he’d like to establish an office in the UK rather …

Facebook Search Patent… Should Google Be Worried?
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A patent that Facebook was awarded about a month ago, called “Visual tags for search results generated from social network information,” is suddenly getting some industry attention. The official description of the patent says: Search results, including sponsored links and …

Why Foursquare Is the Leader in Location

Popular location-based service Foursquare was full of announcements at SXSW this year. According to Eric Friedman, the Director of Business Development for the startup, all of the announcements fit into the following categories: Discovery, Engagement, and Loyalty.

Foursquare: Google Would Be Great Partner Foursquare: Google Would Be Great Partner

Foursquare announced the expansion of its Venues API today, as part of its Venues Project. This allows developers to tap into information about places so they can see what’s popular in real time, tag photos, drinks, and other data, and …

Foursquare Talks Future of Locations at SXSW Foursquare Talks Future of Locations at SXSW

Everyone is trying to figure out the answer to getting location-based services to go mainstream. SCVNGR CEO Seth Priebatsch talked about this yesterday. He thinks this  will be the decade of the gamer layer, and that looking at game mechanics …

Foursquare for Business – An Increasingly Attractive Option
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Yesterday, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley announced the new version of Foursquare – Foursquare 3.0 – with new discovery features, and mentioned that businesses would be getting some new types of specials to offer customers this week. Foursquare is now talking about them …

Foursquare 3.0 for Android and iPhone Coming Tonight

Foursquare announced that Foursquare 3.0 – the latest version of its app (for Android and iPhone) will be available tonight. One very significant new feature of this is a discovery tool called “Explore”. “The idea is pretty simple: tell us …

Foursquare Partners with American Express
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Foursquare and American Express have entered into a partnership that will see card users getting discounts at stores, restaurants, etc. via Foursquare. WebProNews recently exchanged a few tweets with Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley, following an article we posted questioning how …

Foursquare Announcements Coming at SXSW

This week, we posted an article about some comments Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley made about competing with Facebook. He responded to this, and we exchanged a few tweets. Bottom line: expect multiple announcements from the company at SXSW. 

Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Talks Facebook Competition

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley appeared on CNBC, discussing how Foursquare can compete with Facebook.

Foursquare Hosts Developers at Hackathon
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Recall, it was not too long ago that Foursquare released their latest developer toolset, the foursquare API v2.

Recently, in an effort to bolster the developer community and kick start more Foursquare-based apps, the company hosted their first Hack Day event in New York. According to the Foursquare dev blog, some 150 developers showed up at the event including geeks from around the States and even a few from Canada. 

Foursquare Grows By 3,400% – Are You Part Of It?

Foursquare grew by 3,400% in 2010, according to the company, with total check-ins reaching 381,576,305 around the world (in every country) – plus one from outer space, when an astronaut checked in from the International Space Station in October.  It has 6 million users.

Foursquare Launches Quest to Get More Local Businesses
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Foursquare announced the expansion of its "Ambassador Program", a pilot program the company launched last year that lets users get their favorite venues signed up for the Foursquare’s Specials platform. The program is designed to get more businesses on Foursquare. 

Foursquare Users to Get Tips on Nearby Businesses

Foursquare and Examiner.com have teamed up to bring local Examiner content to Fousquare users via Fousquare’s website and mobile apps. This content will consist of tips or "insight and recommendations on nearby venues, restaurants, events, businesses and landmarks" from Examiner’s 68,000 contributors in 233 U.S. cities.