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If you aren't familiar with GetGlue, it is a smartphone app that allows users to check-in to activities in a way similar to how users check-in to places via Foursquare.  For instance, a GetGlue user could check into entertainment such as The Arcade Fire, Big Momma's House or Twilight: New Moon and let their friends know what they were up to, media-wise.  On a side note, I would really like to meet the person with the above check-ins.  They sound...interesting.

Announced today, users can now attach a location to their activity check-ins with complete Foursquare integration.  GetGlue already offered to post your check-ins to Facebook and Twitter, but this adds specificity to each activity.  Now, users can let the world know they are listening to Daft Punk @ Red Rocks or watching The Social Network @ Regal Cinemas.

As you can see above, the generic user is sharing a sports-related check-in.  This is also new to GetGlue.  Before today, there was no category for sports check-ins.  Movies, Music, TV, Books, Wine and simply Thoughts, but no sports.

In the same way that GetGlue rewards users with stickers for repeated and unique check-ins in other areas, sports fans can become fans and superfans of their favorite teams.  Special stickers and rewards are being offered from sports organizations like FOX Sports, NHL, NFL Network and NASCAR.  The new sports check-ins and Foursquare integration seem to be suited for each other.  "Josh is watching the New York Knicks" doesn't pack as much of a punch as "Josh is watching the New York Knicks @ Madison Square Garden."

Other changes were also made to the profile screen, home screen and sticker screen.  Many of the buttons were also made larger.  No quite sure why, as they didn't seem too small to me before.  The check-in screen was updated, giving many more details about the activity in question.  You can now quickly jump to exclusive stickers, superfan specials and related content.

If you haven't tried GetGlue, it's worth a shot - especially if you are one of those people who loves achievements, unlockables, badges, etc. etc.

Josh Wolford
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