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North Dakota’s Contact Tracing App Shares Location Data With Advertisers
Researchers have discovered that, contrary to its own privacy policy, North Dakota’s contact tracing app shares data with FourSquare....
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Foursquare CEO: We’re 99% NOT Social Media or Location Check-Ins
We're 99 percent not social media or location check-ins, says Foursquare Labs CEO Jeff Glueck. We are rather a location technology platform that helps...
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Foursquare CEO: Facebook and Google Are Not Your Friends and Are After Domination
Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck said in an interview that "Facebook and Google are not your friends, they're unreliable partners and are after domination."...
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Foursquare Launches B2B Ad Tool ‘Attribution’
Foursquare announced a new product called Attribution Powered by Foursquare to measure the conversion of media spend into visits to brick and mortar l...
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Foursquare Names Jeff Glueck CEO As Dennis Crowley Changes Roles
Foursquare just announced that CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley is dropping the former title and taking on the new role of Executive Chairman. Jeff G...
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Apple Is Going to Break iPhone Sales Records This Weekend, Says Foursquare
Foursquare, which has gotten out of the check-in business (well at least they’ve put it off to the side) and focused more on local recommendatio...
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Square Cash For Apple Watch Lets You Pay From Your Wrist
Square just announced Square Cash for Apple Watch, which will enable owners of the device to easily send money money to their friends right from their...
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Foursquare Brings Real Mayorships to Swarm
When Foursquare decided to build an completely separate app for check-ins and strip the “gamification” element out of the flagship app, th...
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Is Being A B2B Data Provider Foursquare’s True Calling?
Foursquare is looking to do more with its location data on the B2B front. The company is touting its Location Cloud offering, which it calls “th...
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Foursquare Might’ve Just Made Swarm Fun
Last May, popular location app Foursquare announced that they would be splitting the core functions of the app in two, creating an entirely new app ca...
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Should Yahoo Buy Foursquare?
Yahoo may or may not be in talks to acquire Foursquare. Two pretty reputable tech publications (each likely with numerous insider sources) have confli...
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Twitter Reportedly Eyeing Foursquare Partnership
Twitter has a location-based element to it, but it’s not that sophisticated and it’s not really a huge part of the service. It appears the...
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Foursquare Launches New iPad App
Foursquare announced the release of a new iPad app to bring an optimized version of its recently re-launched service to Apple’s tablet as a lot ...
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Checking in with Swarm Just Got Much Easier
If you’re an iOS user who loves to check-in with Foursquare’s Swarm app, but feel it’s too much effort to open the app and tap a few...
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Foursquare Now Offers Self-Destructing Tips
With Foursquare’s revamped app, tips are the new check-ins. Today, the company is trying to make tips more helpful by letting them disappear aft...
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Foursquare Check-ins Are Now Dead for Windows Phone Users Too As Swarm Launches
Foursquare warned you a couple weeks ago, and today’s the day. Swarm, Foursquare’s check-in-devoted app, is now available on Windows Phone...
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Foursquare Tells Businesses Its New App Is Better For Them Too
As you may know, Foursquare launched its new check-in-less app today. If you want a rundown on what to expect as a user, read this. Given that the foc...
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Foursquare’s New, Still Check In-Less App Is Here
Foursquare went and pissed a bunch of people off when they decided to “unbundle” and separate the core functions of their main app into tw...
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Foursquare’s New App Coming Next Week as Company Battles Backlash
Foursquare probably knew that unbundling its features and removing check-ins altogether from its flagship app would ruffle a few feathers. I guess the...
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Foursquare Check-ins Are Dead, Users Now Prompted In-App to Download Swarm
As promised, it’s happened. Foursquare has eliminated the check-in functionality on their main app, ahead of a big redesign and refoucusing effo...
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