Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle with One Letter Showing, Sets Winnings Record

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle with One Letter Showing, Sets Winnings Record

By Josh Wolford December 29, 2014

When people are talking about ‘what happened on Wheel of Fortune last night’, it’s likely due to someone failing pretty hard. It happens a lot. Honestly, there’s not much on TV more infuriating than a terrible Wheel of Fortune player. …

Has Twitter Killed The Blog?
Twitter Bird With Music Notes

Image by Salon de Maria via Flickr

Google Becoming Too Big For Itself?

Fortune magazine has one of the most comprehensive "Google’s starting to fall apart" articles, I’ve seen in a long time.

Fortune: Google Still Top Place To Work

To the best of my knowledge, no one suggested that Google was pulling a gigantic bait and switch – laying out candy and comfortable chairs, and then chaining its employees to their desks.  But the lack of such a plot has been confirmed, since Google has won Fortune’s "best place to work" award for the second year in a row.

Fastest Growing Social Network

Quick, what’s the fastest-growing social network over the last year?

MySpace? Nope. Facebook? Nope. Bebo? Now, let’s be serious. According to Nielsen Online (and Fortune), it’s . . . LinkedIn.

Google scared of Facebook? Puh-leeze

I have to say that until now I thought Josh Quittner was a pretty smart guy.

He was at Business 2.0 magazine for quite awhile, and was editor when the whole shebang went down in flames not too long ago, and was an early convert to the blogs-as-media idea after Om Malik left. But the piece he just wrote for Fortune about how Facebook “has Google running scared” is pathetic.

Viacom Seeking to Save Its Rep with Yahoo?

Viacom, staunch opponent of YouTube, has cemented its reputation as “the man” among the free-content generation by opposing the Web favorite. The parent company of everything from MTV and VH1 to Comedy Central and Nickelodeon has a long way to go to catch up online after their attempts at suing the pants off Google.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo Finds Tech Partners

Several companies now offer their products as complementary technologies to enhance the IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition enterprise search product.

29 Fortune 100 Companies Have Negative Google Results
I thought we’d find some gems by keeping an eye on the blogs of our readers, and 97th Floor proves us right.

Google, Microsoft Earn Fortune’s Admiration

Not only do these two Internet rivals have multi-billion dollar fortunes, but they enjoy spots in the top twenty on Fortune’s ‘Most Admired Companies’ list.

Will Steve Jobs Let Mac OS Run on Intel Boxes?

An interesting development, tucked away in an article at Fortune magazine about the company behind the Parallels software program, which allows Mac users to run Windows in a virtual machine and switch back and forth (relatively) seamlessly.

Fortune Learns It’s Great To Work At Google

Now that Google has been around long enough to be eligible for Fortune Magazine’s “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” list, it promptly debuted at number one.

Fortune Names Google Best Place to Work

Grab you morning coffee and settle down for a long, envy-inducing read as to how Google made it to the top of Fortune’s list of Best Companies to Work For.

Can Apple, Beatles Work It Out?

The Beatles and Apple Computer may be close to reaching a deal to finally make their music available online. According to an article from Fortune, Apple’s iTunes is nearing an agreement with representatives of the massively popular group.

Looking at Google AdWords Landing Page Algorithms

ClickZ takes a closer look at Google’s tougher algorithms for AdWords landing pages. The changes are designed to filter out MFA sites aka “made for AdSense” which are designed to attract traffic for pennies and display AdSense ads that earn the publisher a profit.

Corporate Blogging To Catch Fire?

According to the findings of JupiterResearch, corporate blogging is about to become big – really big. It seems these expectations may be impossibly optimistic, as a matter of fact. But JupiterResearch believes that “nearly 70 percent of all site operators will have implemented corporate blogs by the end of 2006.”

Executive Blog vs. Executive Blog Roll

BusinessWeek’s Bruce Nussbaum points out the next best thing to an executive blogging-an executive actively reading blogs.