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The Rise Of Social Gaming Doesn’t Mean Gamers Are Becoming More Social

Social and mobile gaming is huge. That fact can’t be disputed. What can be disputed, however, is a perception that people are increasingly playing games together. A new research study has found that to not be the case. eMarketer released the results of a study conducted by AYTM Market Reserch today that surveyed U.S. Internet users about their gaming habits. …

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With Its Emmy-Nominated Shows, Will Netflix Sway More People Away From Cable?

The Emmy nominations are out, and three Netflix original shows have earned fourteen nominations. This is a good sign for the future of high quality original online programming. We’re talking about the Emmys here, and Netflix is just getting started. Its latest show Orange is the new Black is already getting as much positive buzz and as many positive reviews …

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Native Advertising Trend Has Some (Including Google) Concerned

Native advertising spend is on the rise, and is expected to reach $4.57 billion in 2017. For comparison, last year it was at $1.63 billion, and is projected to hit $2.36 billion this year. When we talk about native advertising, we’re talking about the kind of ads that take the form of content that users might expect to see on …

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Japan Could Be The Next Big Facebook Market

In 2010, Japan’s population was a little over 128 million people, according to census data. But only 4.68 million people in the country were on Facebook – a paltry percent that shows the worldwide giant which boasts 900+ users has a lot of work to do to penetrate what could be a lucrative market. Now, it appears that things may …

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Do Paywalls Scare Off Media Professionals?

Paywalls seem to be straightforward: users pay to gain access to content. What could be simpler? The internet, however, with its ability to infinitely copy and immediately disseminate information, quickly makes whatever lurks behind paywalls worthless. The only paywalls that have worked are those catering to niche industries or groups of people (such as financial investors) who require instant access …

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Twitter Is Now Growing Way Faster Than Facebook

Facebook is a behemoth. But because it’s already so huge, its growth is slowing and is going to get even slower of the next couple of years. Twitter’s growth will also slow, but will remain much higher than Facebook’s, according to a report from eMarketer. Over the last year, Twitter grew its user base 31.9%. Facebook only grew their 13.4%. …

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Google Reigns As Search Ad Spending Increases

With elections in the United States and the Summer Olympic Games across the Atlantic pond in London this year, U.S. ad spending is expected to continue a strong growth throughout 2012, according to eMarketer. The digital marketing analysis firm estimates that search spending will jump up to $19.5 billion, which is a 27.9% increase from last year. In the upcoming …

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US Advertisers Will Spend More On Online Ads Than Print Ads In 2012

Just because Google is testing the waters of print adverts in the United States doesn’t necessarily mean there’s going to be a resurgence of print advertising in the future. In fact, total spending on print advertising is projected to continue it’s downward spiral in 2012. According to people who understand the marketing market, the decline in print ad spending in …

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