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Depressed Goat Reunites With Burro Friend [VIDEO]

In a heartwarming story that will show you just how strong the emotional bond between animals can be, a depressed goat ended his hunger strike after being reunited with his burro friend. That probably sounds more like the twisted plot of the next Disney or DreamWorks animated film than a real story, but workers at the Animal Place sanctuary witnessed …

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Don’t Have Sex With Your Employer’s Donkey

Donkeys are a valuable commodity in some parts of the world. You probably shouldn’t mess with them, especially when that donkey belongs to your employer. Standard Digital reports that a Kenyan man was recently caught having sex with his employer’s donkey. The story goes that he tied up the beast behind a bush and began to have his way with …

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Donkeys Suspected in Hungary Mauling Death

It’s a given that animals are dangerous. While animals such as the Hippopotamus are known to be very dangerous, even seemingly harmless animals such as beavers can manage to kill a human. This week, police in Hungary are investigating the violent death of an older man that involves animals not normally thought of as killers. The suspects? Two donkeys. According …

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Google: We Didn’t Kill That Donkey. Don’t Assume About the Fate of the Ass, You Asses

Google has a history of running over animals with their Street View team. Ok, maybe not a “history,” but they have done it before. Years ago, Google was forced to make a public response regarding a Street View still of what appeared to be Bambi lying dead on the side of the road. They admitted that one of their drivers …

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No More Donkey Semen: Twitter Reacts

As reported earlier by WebProNews.com, the television show Fear Factor was to air and feature a horrid stunt. On the episode contestants were to drink donkey semen, chased by a generous helping of donkey urine. Now, it seems this is not the case, according to the NBC website, which no longer lists the episode in its line-up, instead it is …

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Fear Factor To Feature Donkey Semen Stunt: Twitter Reacts

NBC executives are furious after the show Fear Factor recently revealed they would have contestants drink an entire beer mug of donkey semen with the addition of a hefty glass of donkey urine to finish. NBC was so upset, they nearly decided to remove the stunt altogether. In the stunt contestants would have to chug both the semen and the …

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