Don't Have Sex With Your Employer's Donkey


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Donkeys are a valuable commodity in some parts of the world. You probably shouldn't mess with them, especially when that donkey belongs to your employer.

Standard Digital reports that a Kenyan man was recently caught having sex with his employer's donkey. The story goes that he tied up the beast behind a bush and began to have his way with it. His employer stumbled upon the scene, alerted the public, and then the public alerted the police.

The 19-year-old man was then brought before the court. He pleaded guilty to the charges. I would like to imagine that he then launched into a passionate rant about how the state can't keep him away from his love. That didn't happen. Instead, he was sentenced to six years in prison.

Fortunately, this case is not connected with the much larger problem of bestiality and prostitution that is currently exploding in Kenya. It's been found that a large group of sex workers have been colluding with people in the UK and elsewhere to send sexually explicit images, sometimes with animals, to clients overseas.

Even after all of this, we can still look on the bright side. At least none of these people thought they could create a half-man/half-donkey hybrid.