Depressed Goat Reunites With Burro Friend [VIDEO]

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In a heartwarming story that will show you just how strong the emotional bond between animals can be, a depressed goat ended his hunger strike after being reunited with his burro friend.

That probably sounds more like the twisted plot of the next Disney or DreamWorks animated film than a real story, but workers at the Animal Place sanctuary witnessed this event just a week ago.

To backtrack a little, earlier this year dozens of animals were removed from a hoarder's residence. A goat named Mr. G and a burro named Jellybean were two of the animals that were retrieved. After living together for around ten years, the rescued goat and burro were placed in different sanctuaries, and it quickly became obvious that the goat was depressed. According to Animal Place, a sanctuary in northern California, Mr. G "refused to eat" and "spent his days lying in a corner of his stall, barely lifting his head."

Check out the depressed goat below.

Mr. G went four days without eating before officials decided to reunite the depressed goat with his friend Jellybean. After the decision was made, it took three days to get the animal duo back together again.

Check out a video of the depressed goat and burro reuniting below--don't forget to grab a few tissues to have on hand for when the waterworks inevitably begin.

As you saw in the video, it didn't take long at all for Mr. G to end his hunger strike after being reunited with his best friend. As if seeing the goat being lifted from his depression after seeing his friend Jellybean wasn't enough, the two animals later shared food from the same bowl. If your eyes didn't mist over at a minimum at that point, then your heart might be on par with the Grinch's before the people of Whoville got to him.

No surprise there, but the video has stirred up some very strong emotions on Twitter.

Officials at Animal Place have decided to keep both Mr. G and Jellybean as "permanent residents" at the sanctuary. Hopefully the once depressed goat will get to hang out with his burro friend for years to come.

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