Donkeys Suspected in Hungary Mauling Death


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It's a given that animals are dangerous. While animals such as the Hippopotamus are known to be very dangerous, even seemingly harmless animals such as beavers can manage to kill a human.

This week, police in Hungary are investigating the violent death of an older man that involves animals not normally thought of as killers. The suspects? Two donkeys.

According to an Associated Press report, a 65-year-old man named Sandor Horvath died last week in Magyarszecsod, Hungary. Authorities say that the man was apparently pulled off his motorcycle by two donkeys and mauled to death. Horvath was reported to have been dragged for 50 meters while the animals bit and trampled him. Police are currently investigating the incident to work out exactly what happened. The results of the man's autopsy have not been revealed.

The donkeys were reportedly being kept on land adjacent to Horvath's farm. The animals have not yet been put down, and are being kept "under observation" while the investigation continues.