Steve Jobs Tops CNBC’s ‘First 25′ List, As He Could Really Rock a Turtleneck

Steve Jobs Tops CNBC’s ‘First 25′ List, As He Could Really Rock a Turtleneck

By Josh Wolford April 29, 2014

CNBC has been around for 25 years now, and in honor of that, decided to come up with what they call the “First 25,” or the 25 people “to have had the most profound impact on business and finance since …

Maria Bartiromo Is Leaving CNBC, Heads To FOX Business Network Maria Bartiromo Is Leaving CNBC, Heads To FOX Business Network

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Maria Bartiromo has been an anchor for CNBC for two decades, covering plenty of news throughout her career, but has recently decided to leave the network. She was one of the first women to become a star on television by …

Yahoo, CNBC Launch ‘Big Data Download’ Web Show Yahoo, CNBC Launch ‘Big Data Download’ Web Show

Yahoo and CNBC announced the launch of Big Data Download today. This is a new twice daily online program hosted by CNBC’s Courtney Reagan, and regularly featuring Yahoo Finance’s editor-in-chief Aaron Task, senior columnist Michael Santoli and co-host of “The …

CNBC & Yahoo Finance Join Forces to Share Revenues and News Content CNBC & Yahoo Finance Join Forces to Share Revenues and News Content

Starting today, Yahoo Finance and CNBC.com will be be partners in online business and financial content. In an effort to reach a wider audience with richer news content, the duo will share information and ad revenues. This will extend their …

iPad 3 Release Date: CNBC Says Next Week, With A Quad-Core, In NYC iPad 3 Release Date: CNBC Says Next Week, With A Quad-Core, In NYC

UPDATE 2: Invites for the official event have gone out, and it will be held on March 7th. More on that here. As it stands, the general thinking around Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 is that it will be announced on …

EveryZing Partners with NBC Universal on Video Search

Video ZEO firm EveryZing has closed an $8.25 Million round of funding from its existing investors, which include Fairhaven Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners and BBN Technologies. EveryZing has also added GE and NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund as an investor.

EveryZing will also be deploying its universal search and publishing solutions across a number of NBCU’s Internet properties. The goal is to improve the video search experience for some major media sites.

Google TV Ads Scores CNBC Deal

Google TV Ads has, to be honest, seemed doomed for some time now; a precedent was set when Google Audio Ads and Google Print Ads were shut down earlier this year.  But a new advertising deal with CNBC may prove to be both a saving grace and key to future growth.

Fake Steve Jobs Rips Apple’s Media ‘Lapdogs’

First Ann Coulter, now Newsweek’s Dan Lyons, otherwise known as Fake Steve Jobs. The former cried banishment from NBC before clawing her way back onto the Today show. The latter confirmed to WebProNews he was banned from CNBC after a fiery tirade against Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman for getting “bullied,” “played and punked” by Apple about CEO Steve Jobs’ health.

“It’s true I’m banned,” Lyons said via email.

Why and How LinkedIn Works for Business Professionals

LinkedIn wasn’t always one of the social networks known for having all the bells and whistles. In fact, only until recently, it didn’t have an applications platform, an ad network, or other features that make sites like Facebook and MySpace so popular.

LinkedIn, CNBC To Integrate News And Other Content

LinkedIn.com – a social site for professionals – is partnering with CNBC to integrate news and other content. LinkedIn has over 27 million members but until now has had very little community-buildling or social networking features.

Currently on LinkedIn you can email other professionals, ask them questions, and give or get recommendations from people in your network. Now you’ll also be able to share information with them – something that is happening informally anyway.

LinkedIn, CNBC Connect
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The LinkedIn network is all about business.  CNBC has the word right in its name ("Consumer News And Business Channel").  So a new partnership between the two entities seems logical as well as productive.

Google CEO Talks Ads

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that showing fewer ads does not necessarily lead to less revenue.

In an interview with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, Schmidt said," If we show fewer ads that are more targeted, those ads are worth more. So we’re in this strange situation where we show a smaller number of ads and we make more money because we show better ads. And that’s the secret of Google."

Scoble on TV Experience and CES

Last week I was on CNBC twice. Once on “Fast Money” and once on Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea.”

The Fast Money segment has been torn apart on the Internet but Roger Ehrenberg of the Information Arbitrage blog had the most intelligent analysis of it.

Yahoo Finance Airing CNBC Video

Yahoo wants to beef up its leading Finance site with videos, and will add CNBC content to the mix.

Yahoo Merchants Toasted By Monday Outage
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Customers with credit cards to burn found some of Yahoo’s merchants unable to process orders due to problems with the underlying technology.

Fox Business Channel Getting Positve Reviews

The Fox Business Channel went live in 30 million homes on Monday and hopes to make business news more appealing to the average viewer.

CNBC Dismisses Complaints Over Online Poll
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Ron Paul fared a little too well in a post-Republican debate poll run by CNBC, prompting the news site’s managing editor to believe astroturfing had taken place, forcing them to take down the poll.