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Cisco Rebrands Collaboration Apps: Introducing WebEx Social and WebEx Telepresence Cisco Rebrands Collaboration Apps: Introducing WebEx Social and WebEx Telepresence
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Cisco’s Quad app has been rebranded as WebEx Social. Refinements to the app include a new unified post function that makes creating a post as easy as writing an email. Users will now also be able to collaborate using any …

Cisco Sues TiVo Over Patents Cisco Sues TiVo Over Patents

On May 30th Cisco Systems filed a federal lawsuit in California against TiVo, over four patents related to DVRs. Cisco supplies TiVo-based DVR boxes to Virgin Media in the UK and Spanish cable operator Ono. TiVo likewise suing Verizon Communications …

Cisco Announces Insiemi Cisco Announces Insiemi

Cisco has just released an employee memo announcing its investment of $100 million in a new “spin-in” company called Insiemi, and advanced networking startup, which might eventually be purchased for an additional $750 million. The New York Times defines a …

Exclusive: Cisco Issues Response to SalesCrunch’s $1 Bid for WebEx Exclusive: Cisco Issues Response to SalesCrunch’s $1 Bid for WebEx

As WebProNews previously reported, SalesCrunch has made an offer to Cisco to buy its web conferencing platform WebEx for $1 plus equity. SalesCrunch is primarily after WebEx’s userbase but believes the two companies “make sense.”

Interview: SalesCrunch to Acquire Cisco’s WebEx for $1 Plus Equity? Interview: SalesCrunch to Acquire Cisco’s WebEx for $1 Plus Equity?

This week, online meeting platform SalesCrunch made an offer to buy WebEx from Cisco. What’s interesting about the offer is the fact that it offered Cisco $1 plus a 15 percent stake in the new company.

Cisco to Acquire Israeli video service NDS Cisco to Acquire Israeli video service NDS

Cisco announced today that it plans to acquire NDS Group Ltd., a video software and content security provider. Cisco makes the acquisition to complement Videoscape, their platform that allows service providers to deliver next-gen videos. The company will shell out …

Cisco Challenges Microsoft’s Skype Acquisition In EU Court Cisco Challenges Microsoft’s Skype Acquisition In EU Court

Concerned that Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype could leave other video communications services out in the cold, Cisco is planning to challenge the deal through the European Union’s highest court. Although the European Commission already approved the acquisition last year, Cisco …

Mobile Devices Will Overtake Human Population in 2012 Mobile Devices Will Overtake Human Population in 2012

It’s a good thing humans come with two hands because we’re gonna need’em if we’re expected to handle the bulk of cell phones and tablets that are going to be cramping up our planet in the near future. A new …

Steve Nash, The Winklevoss Twins & Matt Cutts Steve Nash, The Winklevoss Twins & Matt Cutts

I’m going to test a video roundup-style article looking at some of the more interesting videos we come across in tech, marketing and business on any given day. If the response is good, we’ll continue to do this. There is …

Cisco Acquires newScale, Cloud Service Catalog Provider

Update (04/15): Cisco announced today that it has closed the acquisition. Original Article (03/29): Cisco announced its intent to acquire newScale, a “self-service, service catalog, and lifecycle management software” provider for cloud-based IT. The above video does a pretty good …

Cisco Closing Down Its Flip Business Cisco Closing Down Its Flip Business
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Cisco has issued a release saying they’re going to be getting back to its five key company priorities: core routing, switching and services, collaboration, architectures and video. With this announcement also comes with them exiting certain aspects of consumer businesses, …

Humanizing Your Brand is Inexpensive and Can Pay Off
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Consumers like brands that they can identify with, and it’s hard to identify with a business itself unless you can get to know a little bit about it. Social media and online video are pretty powerful tools for helping consumers get to know a business, and it can cost next to nothing. 

Skype Names Tony Bates of Cisco As New CEO
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Skype announced today that it has appointed Tony Bates its new CEO and Board member. He was previously Senior Vice President of Cisco and General Manager of Cisco’s Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business Division.

He was responsible for over $20 billion of annual revenue and the company’s  Borderless Networks, DataCenter and Collaboration architectures. He managed over 12,500 employees for Cisco. 

Cisco Plans to Acquire ExtendMedia for IP Video Management

Cisco announced today that it intends to acquire ExtendMedia, a content management systems provider out of Newton, Massachusetts.

ExtendMedia’s systems manage video content through monetization for pay media and ad-supported business models. Cisco says that with ExtendMedia, it will be able to help service providers deliver multi-screen offerings as the market transitions to IP video.

Cisco Showcases Big Video Plans

Cisco has quite a large presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. The company is showcasing some interesting new video experiences at the event.

Cisco Completes $3 Billion Starent Networks Acquisition

Update: Cisco announced that the acquisition of Starent Networks has been completed.

Original Article: Cisco announced today that it is acquiring Starent Networks for $35 per share in cash, bringing the total to about $2.9 billion. Starent Networks is a supplier of IP-based mobile infrastructure solutions.

Why Online Video Will Keep Growing Like a Weed
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As you probably know, online video has become quite a hot medium, and the rate at which people view it continues to increase. This is not surprising considering the year we had last year in online video. This year certainly started off with a boom as well as a famous super bowl ad truly introduced the world to Hulu.

Recent research from Nielsen shows that in May, unique visitors, total streams, streams per viewer, and time per viewer were all up compared to the same month in 2008. There was a 49% increase in time per viewer.

Cisco Added to Dow Jones Industrial Average

Cisco Systems has been added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average as General Motors has of course been removed. Cisco released the following statement via the company blog:

Cisco Says It’s Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
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Cisco has launched an initiative to help cities use technology to cultivate sustainable, intelligent industries as well as citizen services and overall economic growth. The initiative is called "Intelligent Urbanization."

Spammers Turning To Targeted Attacks
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Spammers are now taking their cue from search engines and advertisers by making their emails more personalized in attempts to steal users information, according to a new security report from Cisco.

The report found there was a 90 percent growth in threats coming from legitimate domains, nearly double what was seen in 2007. While targeted spear-phishing represents about 1 percent of all phishing attacks it is on track to become more widespread as savvy criminals personalize spam and make messages appear more credible.

Online Video Users Follow Election Closely

Cisco has released a new survey conducted by Compete about the influence of online video and social media applications on American’s political engagement.

The Internet was cited by 62 percent of respondents as a regularly used source for 2008 presidential election information and coverage, which was surpassed only by television (82%).

Traffic to popular online video sites increased fivefold in 2008 compared to 2004. About 30 percent of registered voters said they used online video to follow 2008 presidential election coverage.