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Chrome For Android Beta Gets An Update

Earlier this month, Google announced the beta version of Chrome for Android Though it’s only available for select countries and languages for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. Today, Google announced an update to the beta channel for Chrome for Android. Google’s Srikanth Rajagopalan writes: Chrome for Android has been updated to Beta 1.1 (0.16.4215.215), picking up changes that have gone …

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Chrome Gets Faster, Safer With New Stable Release

Earlier this month, Google announced a beta release of their Chrome browser that they said would improve its speed and security. Today, they’ve announced the stable release. With this update, Chrome will begin loading your most frequented pages even before you finish typing the URL in the omnibox (the URL bar within Chrome that also serves as a Google search). …

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No SOPA Chrome Extension Notifies You When You Visit Sites That Hate The Internet

Worried that your average, everyday interweb browsing could be inadvertently supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act? Well, you’re in luck. Now there’s an extension for your Chrome browser that will notify you when you visit a website of any company or organization that is known to support SOPA. It’s called No SOPA and was created by Andy Baird (@ajbaird) and …

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Microsoft Says Sayonara To Internet Explorer 6

In news that is sure to excite some, possibly upset others, and leave everyone else feeling an emotion that is somewhere between nostalgia and relief, Microsoft is officially saying goodbye to Internet Explorer 6. According to data from Net Applications, IE6’s market share in the United States has just dropped under the 1% mark, a milestone that is enough reason …

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The Browser Trends Continue

Which browser is the most popular in terms of users? Well, that title remains in the Internet Explorer camp, but, continuing a trend that began when Firefox introduced tabbed browsing to the world, IE is continuing to fall, while Google Chrome continues to rise, even at the expense of Mozilla’s quite capable browser. Thanks to a NetMarketshare, we have an …

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