Chrome Gains More Market Share

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Most major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, didn't fare well in February, losing market share.  Net Applications found that Chrome managed to attract more than a few new users, however, increasing its market share by 0.39 percent on a month-over-month basis.

The fact that Chrome beat all of its competitors (at least at least with respect to short-term changes) is quite impressive.  The small surge in popularity it experienced wouldn't exactly qualify as embarrassing under other circumstances, either, even if 0.39 percent isn't an overwhelming amount.

This may be only the start of a trend, too, since Microsoft is due to introduce its browser ballot box in Europe soon.  Given an obvious choice, lots more people may decide to try Chrome instead of one of the more established options.

Anyway, Net Applications indicated that all of this left Chrome with a market share of 5.61 percent.  Internet Explorer, meanwhile, wound up lording over 61.58 percent of the market after suffering a month-over-month loss of 0.54 percent.  Firefox lost 0.20 percent, Safari lost 0.08 percent, and Opera lost 0.03 percent, as well, if you're curious.

We'll be sure to see if Chrome can maintain this momentum in March.

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