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Kristen Bell Shows Compassion, Leaves Voicemail on Six-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Phone as ‘Frozen’s’ Anna

Kristen Bell showed compassion for a little six-year-old girl with cancer this past week, as she left a message on her phone in her Anna persona from the hit movie Frozen. It was about a month ago that little Avery Huffman was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Kristen Bell greeted the little girl by name in the sweet phone …

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Kristen Bell to Reprise Role of Anna in ‘Frozen’ Sequel

Kristen Bell plays the role of Anna in Disney’s animated film Frozen. On Thursday she realized a dream come true. Disney announced there will be a sequel to the smash hit, meaning Bell will play Anna again. “I would play Anna forever if they would let me,” Kristen Bell said during an interview with CBS News. “Not only do I …

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Elizabeth Lail Cast as Anna in ‘Once Upon a Time’

Even though almost every single scientist and liberal on the planet continually warn of the dangers of global warming, the pudding shows that the world has been #Frozen over since November 27, 2013 with Disney’s release of Frozen, the story of a princess with magical ice powers who needs help from her sister, a bumpkin named Kristoff, a reindeer, and …

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Kristen Bell Reflects On Message Of “Frozen”

Kristen Bell has been enjoying the “Frozen” ride for months now as the box office hit has become the largest grossing animated movie of all time. The movie also brought us the now indescribably popular, stuck-in-your-head-for-months song “Let It Go”. Yep, I know just reading the title rendered the rest of your day full of possible spontaneous outburts. Sorry. Kirsten …

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“Frozen” Princess Inspired By “SNL” Comediennes

With the success of “Frozen” comes the inevitable scrutiny of the central characters–namely Princess Anna–and what makes them so different from the characters in previous films. The writers of the film say that in order to get Anna and Elsa where they wanted them, they listened to a lot of music, and they were inspired by the strong-minded women who …

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