Kristen Bell Reflects On Message Of "Frozen"

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Kristen Bell has been enjoying the "Frozen" ride for months now as the box office hit has become the largest grossing animated movie of all time. The movie also brought us the now indescribably popular, stuck-in-your-head-for-months song "Let It Go".

Yep, I know just reading the title rendered the rest of your day full of possible spontaneous outburts. Sorry.

Kirsten Bell has time now to reflect on the relevant issues the film brought to light for many kids and their parents.

"It's about the love of family, and also a really nice tip of the hat to ... ok, all of the old cartoons were amazing, but you don't meet someone on the street and marry them the next day," the actress, who voices Princess Anna in the movie, said. "You've got to get to know them."

It was a really nice change of pace when her true love turned out to come from her sister! And for me, was actually quite unexpected. Obviously it was so nice to see that the success of the film proves that parents might be kind of sick of the fairytale and are ready for their kids to receive a more realistic and meaningful message.

"You can never anticipate this kind of success for a project," she said. "But what's funny is the original script wasn't anything like this. It went through a lot of big metamorphoses. ... The whole team behind it were so committed to making something different and modern. And they were committed to making it not about romantic love. They wanted it to be about this really relevant battle between love and fear. ... In the end, it just kind of blossomed into this really beautiful project."

So, as Kristen Bell reflects on the success of "Frozen" and its new modern message, what do you think was the biggest attribution to the film's success? I'm gonna go with Olaf.

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