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AMD Fed Up With Intel

Hector Ruiz welcomes Paul Otellini to the world of high-tech processor litigation with a 48-page antitrust lawsuit.

Intel Finds AMD Litigation Inside

Chipmaker AMD has filed an antitrust suit against bitter rival Intel over its dominant position in the OEM industry.

AMD Tries To Break Intel Chokehold

AMD filed an antitrust suit to attempt to break the “chokehold” they assert Intel has on the processor market. They claim numerous anti-competitive moves Intel has made in the past up to an including threats to computer companies for electing to use AMD products in any form or fashion.

AMDs New Single-Core Processor?

AMD and Intel, with engines whining and rubber laid, hustled to the dual core finish line so they could sit and wait for Software to catch up, still panting in the tire smoke at the starting line. AMD, impatient with the thumb-twiddling year-and-a-half wait, decided to upgrade their old stuff.

AMD Continues To Dominate High-End Gaming

Superfast gaming computers from several niche manufacturers will get a new microprocessor from the chipmaker.

HP, AMD Team On New Notebook

The nx6125 notebook PC will be released by Palo Alto-based HP under the Compaq brand name that it owns.

AMD Says Intel Dual-Core Not Really Dual-Core

AMD’s senior VP for worldwide sales and marketing speaking at Taiwan’s Computex raises doubts about Intel’s competing product.

Are You In the Mindset for Yahoo?

The world of search engines always has something new to offer; whether it’s GooglePrint or MSN’s Virtual Earth or in this case Yahoo’s Mindset. The new Mindset feature adds a new relevance dimension to one’s search based on a research facet or a shopping facet.

AMD Lines Up Support For Dual Core Starting In Taiwan

AMD said their dual core is ready to roll into new PCs and companies are lining up with them saying they’re ready too. Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers announced at Computex in Taipei the product is ready handle dual core power.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Challenges Intel In Dual-Core

The processor war continues on the dual-core front, as AMD brings its dual-core processor to market against Intel.

AMD Kicks Dual Core Up Another Notch: Athlon 64 X2

AMD continues to assert itself against the traditional processor powerhouse known as Intel. With the immediate release of AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor, the world of the computer should be speeding up tremendously and with that, computer gaming should go through the roof.

AMD Releases Dual Core To the Masses; The Masses Say They Can Wait

It’s nice to have someone echo your sentiment about how there wasn’t any rush to switch to a dual core processor, a month after the fact. Excuse me as I gloat a bit while I reread the comments of Rob Enderle, an analyst at San Jose-based Enderle Group.

AMD Cracks Open Geode

The fastest most power efficient chip yet manufactured by AMD, the Geode LX 800 is set for release for use in a range of products.

AMD Hopes Geode Strikes The Mother Lode Among Gadgets

A new processor from the chipmaker offers desktop-style computing on mobile and embedded platforms.

Computer World Buzzing Over AMD Dual-Core

AMD has the processor market seeing double as vendors begin falling over each other to pick up the new Opteron.

Pricey AMD lets dual-core out of the bag

Motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan have prematurely announced the prices of Advanced Micro Devices’ new dual-core processors two days early.

AMD Dual-Core Opteron Prices Revealed

As Intel and AMD prepare to clash over the dual-core processor throne, information concerning each party’s dual-core entry continues to eek out.

Intel edges out AMD with dual-core processors

Taking the milk to the market a full two days early, Intel put its new Pentium Extreme Edition 840 chip on sale today to ensure a lead over rival Advanced Micro Devices’ own dual-core processors scheduled for release on April 21.

Intel, AMD Fight For Dual-Core Debut

Last week, it was reported AMD would be releasing their dual-core processing technology featured in enterprise-level machines later this month (April 21). Chief competitor Intel has not taken this news lying down.

AMD Dual Processor This Month?

Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD, is in a heated competition against Intel to see who can produce a dual core computer processor. The race is to see who can make this method of processing available to consumers first.

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Powers Acer Notebook

Acer America introduced a new notebook series powered by AMD Turion 64 mobile technology.