Facebook Adds New Capabilities To Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Adds New Capabilities To Lookalike Audiences

By Chris Crum March 25, 2014

Facebook announced some new targeting capabilities for its Lookalike Audiences option. Facebook launched Lookalike Audiences about a year ago aimed at helping marketers target audience segments with similar common attributes (interest, demographics) to the customers they already identified as a …

Twitter Improves Self-Service Ad Targeting Twitter Improves Self-Service Ad Targeting

Twitter has just announced some big improvements to its invitation-only self-service ad platform that make it easier for businesses to target the right kinds of users with their paid ads. Now, when deciding who to promote their accounts and tweets …

Users Have Mixed Reaction to Search and Privacy Users Have Mixed Reaction to Search and Privacy

The debate surrounding search engines and regulation only seems to be increasing with recent developments. Various privacy and consumer groups have encouraged the government to intervene claiming that consumers need to be protected. Although some investigations are pending, the feds have not stepped in with any action yet.

What Does Google's Privacy Policy Mean? What Does Google's Privacy Policy Mean?
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In January, Google announced that it was overhauling its more than 60 privacy policies and replacing them with one. As Alma Whitten, Google’s Director of Privacy in Product and Engineering, wrote in the announcement, the idea is to create a “beautifully simple, intuitive user experience across Google.”

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook IPO: The Impact on Users and Marketers EXCLUSIVE: Facebook IPO: The Impact on Users and Marketers
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Earlier this week, Facebook began the process for its highly anticipated IPO. The company hopes to raise $5 billion or more in its filing, which is considerable given the company began in a dorm room and has only been around for 8 years.

Microsoft Makes Mobile Ad Targeting Easier

Microsoft has launched full HTML device targeting for advertisers, so that they can easily target mobile display ads to all handsets that can render full HTML sites (including sites developed for the PC Web). Such devices include iPhone, Android, and full HTML browser Windows phones and Blackberry devices.

Better Ad Targeting on Facebook with Keyword Suggestions
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Facebook has begun offering keyword suggestions for it’s ads. This could go a long way to help advertisers better target Facebook users.

When a user goes to create an ad on Facebook, they begin the process by designing the ad. Here they select the landing page, the ad copy, and an optional image. Then they are presented with the targeting section, which now features the keyword suggestions.

Yahoo Uncovers New Demographics Based on Email Habits

Yahoo Research released an interesting report this month characterizing individual communication patterns. The report is based upon a study that looked specifically at what times of the day people regularly communicated through email, and found that demographics can be pulled away from this information.

Ad-Supported Businesses Need to Keep Ads Engaging

Forrester research has an interesting blog post up looking at the question, "What happens when online CPMs get so close to zero that they make ad-supported businesses unsustainable?" Online publishers might not like some of the answers that can be given in response.

Facebook Launches New Ad Targeting Options
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Facebook has launched two targeting filters for Facebook ads. These are language and radius targeting. Both have been heavily in demand by advertisers.

MySpace Announces MyAds
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Last month, we reported that MySpace had launched a new self-serve advertising platform, but it was officially announced last night with a name – MyAds (beta). With this platform, users are able to create their own display banner ads with the following advantages working for them (as cited by the social network):

Charter Postpones Ad Targeting Plan

It looks like privacy concerns have put Charter Communications ad targeting plans on hold.

As we reported last month, ISPs are sitting on a wealth of personalized data, but lawmakers have expressed concerns over the methods used to tap into that data–especially "deep packet inspection."