Twitter Unveils New Interest, Device, and Gender Targeting for Self-Service Advertisers

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Twitter has just announced some big improvements to its invitation-only self-service ad platform that make it easier for businesses to target the right kinds of users with their paid ads.

Now, when deciding who to promote their accounts and tweets to, businesses who use Twitter's self-service ads have a few new options to narrow it down. First, advertisers can select to target users who follow specific accounts that are similar to the field in which the advertiser is advertising.

For example, if a craft brewery wanted to target their promoted tweets toward people with an interest in beer, they could target users with the same interests as those who follow accounts like @DrinkCraftBeer, @BeerAdvocate, or specific craft breweries like Dogfish Head or Southern Tier.

Advertisers can also choose to target users inside 350 different "interest categories" - beer, golf, birdwatching, and so on.

Additionally, new targeting options include users' devices and operating systems. This is a particularly useful options, as an Android game developers could target their tweets to Android users, or the makers of an iOS app could target just iOS users.

Twitter has also added gender targeting for self-service advertisers.

According to Twitter, these were some of the the most demanded features from those advertisers inside the self-service ad network.

Twitter has also opened up its advanced interface to all U.S. advertisers.

"Self-service advertisers who are more experienced with online advertising can now choose to use our advanced interface’s deeper campaign controls, detailed reporting and analytics, and multi-campaign optimization, which help them run more complex campaigns and optimize in real time. The pricing remains the same, and you can start and stop campaigns at any time in both interfaces," says Twitter.

If you're an advertiser that wants to switch over to the advanced interface, just log in and select the "switch to advanced" link at the top of your dashboard.

As of now, the self-service ad platform is still invitation only for U.S. businesses. Twitter says that they will start expanding internationally later this year.

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