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Why the Mainstream Media’s Still Important
Google is willing to give sites like Forbes a top ranking for keywords like SEO just because they published a recent article mentioning the topic. In a world where Google is closing more holes, them opening up the organic results to news sites is a treat to public relations firms.

TV Web Sites Heat Up During Prime Time

Television viewers are increasingly turning to TV Web sites during prime time, weekdays 8pm-11pm and are spending more time there, according to the latest research from Nielsen//NetRatings.

EFF Slaps ABC Over Blogger Harassment

Free speech meets corporate paranoia as the Electronic Frontier Foundation took up the cause of ‘Spocko’, an anonymous blogger who posted audio clips broadcast in San Francisco on ABC Radio to his site.

Yahoo And ABC Expand Video Partnership

Yahoo News and ABC News have agreed to expand their relationship. ABC will be providing Yahoo News with additional video content. The new agreement will add several new features. ABC will offer Yahoo breaking news, features, interviews and video clips from Good Morning America. The agreement is an extension of the current partnership, which started in September of 2005.

Yahoo! to Serve UP BBC Videos

As part of an agreement with ABC News, Yahoo is beginning to offer BBC News video on its site. Yahoo! users will now have access to approximately 30 video clips of BBC News video each day, including a large assortment of videos pertaining to most major news and entertainment genres.

Google’s Future In Television

Google is not likely to become a TV network, according to Richard Kimber, Google’s managing director of sales and operations for South East Asia.

Amanda Booms On To HBO and ABC

As many people predicted when Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon split up so acrimoniously with her former partner Andrew Baron (which I wrote about here), it didn’t take long for someone to see the potential benefit of having an attractive video-blogger with a built-in following on their payroll.

Google: Aussie Law Threatens ‘Net

Australia may make changes to its copyright laws that, according to Google, would cause the Internet to “promptly grind to a halt.”

NBC Sweeps Online Market In May

For the four-week period ending May 27th, NBC led all four major broadcast networks in attracting Internet users to its web properties.

ABC, eBay Make Reality Show Happen
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With a working title of “Make It Happen,” a reality show to run on ABC will feature families selling off a variety of items on eBay as they try to raise cash for fulfilling a family dream.

Fox, Affiliates Sharing Web Revenue

Reruns of “The Simpsons” will yield a 12.5 percent cut of the revenue generated online from those shows and other Fox programs.

ABC Goes to Time-Shifting

The big announcement today was … ABC is unveiling the new ABC.com to showcase the new theatre that will allow viewers to see certain ABC shows immediately the next day. That, in a way, is cool.

We Need Auditing

In traditional media an entire industry rose out of advertisers’ need to audit emerging formats.

ABC Aids Google Junkies

Are you one of those people who has to know daily what the world is searching for? You may be in luck. ABC and Google have paired up to help you get your fix.

Blog Measurement Needs Standards

New data from Gallup notes that one in five Americans say they consult blogs “frequently” or at least “occasionally.”

Google-DOJ Tussle On ABC News

The mainstream media smelled the blood in the water and rushed to cover the now-public battle between the Department of Justice and Google over giving the government access to reams of search data.

Video iTunes Boosts NBC, ABC

$1.99 downloads of recent episodes of shows like “The Office,” “Lost,” and “Desperate Housewives” may have led to ratings gains for all three programs.

CBS Follows ABC, NBC, WB, & UPN Online

Only Fox hasn’t made a full-length episode of a broadcast TV show available in some manner online, now that CBS has plans to do so with ‘Threshold’.

Video ‘iPod’ Beyond Disney And ABC

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced “one more thing” would be the video iPod with ABC content available through iTunes 6.

ABC Affiliates Complain About ‘iPod’ Videos

Apple launched the video iPod, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has agreed to sell episodes of some ABC and Disney programming through iTunes.

In The News: More Blogging

ABC News and the Washington Post have embraced blogging as a way to better connect with their online readers.

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