Google Takes us to Law School
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As you know, Google’s ultimate goal is to organize the world’s information. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that Google is organizing full-text legal opinions from United States federal and state district, appellate and supreme courts. The company is using its Google Scholar service to do so.

Google Translate Gets a Makeover and More Features

Google has launched some new features for Google Translate, while altering the look of the service. In addition to redesigning the site, the new features are aimed at making it faster and easier to translate text between 2,550 language pairs. Google Translate works for 51 languages, representing 98% of Internet users, according to the company.

One new feature is the ability to translate instantly. There used to be a "translate" button, but now it just translates your text as you type it.

Twitter Gives Apps Access to People Search

Twitter is making it easier for third-party apps to allow users to find other people to follow. On the Twitter API Announcements Google Group, the company announced that they are adding the functionality of Twitter’s "find people" feature to a new API.

eBay And Delta Partner On Free Wi-Fi

eBay has partnered with Delta Airlines to offer passengers free Gogo Inflight Internet service on all Wi-Fi equipped flights from November 24-30.

Delta says its has 260 Wi-Fi enabled airplanes flying more than 1,000 flights each day, and during the Thanksgiving promotion it expects more than 1 million customers will access the service.

Google to Get More Interactive with Mobile Video Ads

AdMob, which is being purchased by Google, has unveiled a new interactive video ad unit for the iPhone today. Upon the announcement of Google’s acquisition, the highlights of the purchase included SMS, search, web display, and app display ads. Now, video is part of the mix.

Google, Bing Perform Well In Latest comScore Report
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The latest comScore report concerning the search market has arrived, and although it may not cause too many jaws to drop, there are some interesting tidbits contained within.  It seems that Google hit its stride again in October, and Bing continued to make some impressive gains.

YouTube Connects News Outlets With Citizen Reporters

YouTube has launched a new video platform called YouTube Direct that allows users to submit relevant videos to participating news organizations for broadcast.

All videos submitted to news organizations and approved by their editors will appear on YouTube with a link back to the news site.

Key features of YouTube Direct include:

Google Earth For iPhone 2.0 Arrives
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iPhone users with an interest in geography have a reason to cheer today: a certain search giant has released version 2.0 of Google Earth for iPhone, and the software has been improved in just about every way.

Facebook And Twitter Land New Words In Dictionary
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Facebook users will be familiar with the New Oxford American Dictionary’s 2009 Word of the Year, "unfriend."

Oxford says the term unfriend is a verb. Its definition of the word is "To remove someone as a friend on a social networking site such as Facebook."

YouTube, Univision Announce Partnership
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YouTube’s struck another content-sharing partnership, and it’s a big one.  Univision, which is the top Spanish-language broadcast network in America, has agreed to supply the video-sharing site with both short clips and full shows.

IAB Releases Ad Unit Guidelines Update
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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released the 2009 update to its ad unit guidelines today. For the first time, the IAB is bringing in creative agencies for input on ad unit recommendations. Historically, these have only come from media agencies and publishers.

Egypt Applies For First International Domain Name

Egypt said Monday it is applying to use Arabic characters for the first time in its entire Internet domain name.

The move by Egypt comes as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) formally opens the process allowing countries to apply for "internationalized" domain names or IDNs, where scripts such as Arabic or Chinese will be used in the last part of an address name.

Wii Video Games Offer Real Exercise
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Active Wii sports video games and some Wii fit activities may increase adults’ energy expenditure as much as moderately intense exercise, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions.

Link Signaling Google Chrome Extensions Surfaces
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Google Chrome might be compared to a racecar; both are fast, but lacking in amenities.  It looks like Google’s about to give Chrome users the option of adding air conditioning, stereo system, and cup holder equivalents, though, as extensions may become available in the very near future.

Twitter To Make Suggested Users Feature More Like Twellow’s?

Last month Twitter CEO Evan Williams made some comments at the Web 2.0 Summit, indicating that the company was strongly considering ditching the "Suggested Users" list. This is a list that co-founder Biz Stone once discussed as being a way to get new users engaged with Twitter. This has historically been an important thing for Twitter to consider, as user retention rates have suffered in the past.

Yahoo Launches Comedy Clip Show
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Yahoo has launched a new original online series sponsored by ConAgra Foods, called "What’s So Funny?"

"What’s So Funny?" features daily three-minute clips with hosts Mike Bachmann and Shira Lazar, which recap the funniest moments from the previous night’s prime time lineup.

Viewers can vote on the funniest moments of the week, helping to decide the content for a weekend episode recapping the week’s most humorous moments. Each episode will include a 30 to 60-second ad that features a ConAgra Foods brand.

Revised Google Books Settlement Still Has Critics

Another milestone in a significant legal dispute has passed; a revised version of the Google Books settlement was submitted to U.S. District Court late Friday.  It looks like the book-scanning clash isn’t nearly over, however, since some powerful groups still have qualms about Google’s proposed resolution.

The SEO’s Toolkit Part Three of Three: Resources
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Welcome to part three of this three part series on SEO tools and resources. In the last two articles we discussed the variety of Firefox extensions used for SEO as well as an assortment of other free or affordable SEO tools. In this article we’ll discuss some of the resources you’ll want to access on a regular basis to keep up to date and informed on the goings-on in the search engine and SEO realm.


How Important is Natural Language to the Future of Search?

Where Google is a search engine, and Bing is a "decision engine," Ask.com seeks to be an answer engine. Ask thinks the future of search is in questions and answers. This means, you should be able to ask a direct question and get a specific answer, rather than pages of results, which can lead you to finding the answer on your own.

Google Integrates AdSense For Feeds, FeedBurner, Analytics
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The desire to integrate products is strong at Google; it’s not hard to imagine that the company would eventually like to offer one great, big search/video/email/advertising ball.  And today, it took a tiny step along that path by rolling together some analytics products.

Smartphone Sales Up 12% In Q3
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Global mobile phone sales reached 308.9 million units in the third quarter of 2009, a slight increase of 0.1 percent from the third quarter of 2008, according to a new report from Gartner.

Smartphone sales showed solid growth with more than 41 million units sold for a 12.8 percent increase from the same period last year.

Tweeting Habits Parsed By Time, Day

A new report has shed some light on the habits of Twitter users.  The good people of Pingdom tracked the number of tweets sent over the course of three weeks, and today, released their statistics regarding what days and times folks most like to send messages in under 140 characters.

iTunes Lets You See Previews Without the Download

Apple has launched iTunes Preview, which is a means of showing what music is available on iTunes right in the web browser. This seems like an incredibly obvious way to do it, and one that many have been waiting for way too long, but now if you want to look at the iTunes catalog, without having to install iTunes, you can do so.

You can’t listen to song previews without installing iTunes, but at least you can see what they have. You do still have to download iTunes to purchase music.

The Boston Globe Launches Digital Newspaper
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The Boston Globe has launched a digital version of its newspaper called GlobeReader, which can be read online or offline.

GlobeReader replaces the preview edition that launched over the summers and was available to subscribers for free. The GlobeReader is still available for free to Boston Globe’s seven-day newspaper subscribers.

For non-subscribers the GlobeReader is offered for $4.98 per week. A bundle including home delivery of the Sunday Globe along with 7-day access to the Globe Reader is offered at the same price.