AlmondNet Likes Taste Of Behavioral Targeting
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Any ad server can drop an advertisement in front of an Internet user, but AlmondNet wants that opportunity to be relevant as well as timely.

Tagged.com: Spam Your Friends
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If apologizing to friends, family, classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, and anybody who’s ever graced your email inbox is your thing, then signing up with "social networking" site Tagged.com is the way to go. Or, you could tell the FTC the site’s founder is still up to his old tricks.

Blinkx winks at Miva deal

Video search site blinkx could pull online ad firm Miva into its corporate fold.

Facebook Wanted To Buy German Site Before Suing
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Before Facebook sued the German social networking site StudiVZ last month for copying its "look and feel," it had been in talks to purchase the site.

A former StudiVZ executive says Facebook had been negotiating for months to buy the social network.

Google Leaps Into Olympic Content Race
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Google’s not in its usual place ahead of the pack; you could almost compare the search giant to a runner who somehow got his feet stuck in the starting blocks.  But, following Yahoo and Microsoft, Google’s finally unveiled some things related to the Summer Games.

US Searchers Want It Cheap, Discounted, Or Free

Patrolling the search engines for deals led to plenty of queries for items with the terms ‘discount’, ‘cheap’, or ‘free’ attached to them.

Google Not Thrilled With AOL As Investment
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The billion-dollar stake Google took in AOL to keep the company out of Microsoft’s hands nearly three years ago doesn’t look like it will approach that value now.

Cuil Traffic Cools Down
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Homeostasis in the search world has returned to normalcy and last week’s much-hyped potential Google competitor has slipped back into relative Internet obscurity in terms of traffic. That’s not a bad thing, really. Cuil’s servers needed a break.

Russia Says “Nyet” To Idea Of Advertising Recession

The poor old Dow went down almost 225 points today, and we expect that some tears are being shed within certain sectors of the American economy.  A new report indicates that Russian advertisers are operating on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, with big year-over-year growth taking place.

Libraries Expand Digital Content
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In an effort to attract readers, libraries have increased the amount of digital content they offer including books, music, and movies that can be downloaded by patrons to a computer or mobile device for free.

To access the program users need a library card, access to the Internet and some downloadable software such as Adobe Digital Edition, the Mobipocket Reader or the OverDrive Media Console.

McCain Camp Employs Comment Spam
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At what point does campaigning become propaganda? Immediately? When does shrewd and savvy cross the line to become just plain yick? Senator John McCain’s campaign squad doesn’t seem all that concerned about these questions; blog comment spam these days is just part of the political landscape.

If the landscape consists of AstroTurf, anyway.

Gmail, Google Apps Issues Resolved
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A game of word association would have to go on for quite some time before most people would put "Google Apps" and "Gmail" together with "outage."  The two services recently took a partial tumble, though, and the experience has left some of the affected users less than happy.

Facebook Sees Significant Growth In Japan

The Japanese language version of Facebook had more than triple the amount of visitors to its site in the past year according to comScore World Metrix.

The leading social network in Japan was Mixi.jp with 12.7 million visitors in June. Facebook, which recently launched a Japanese language version of the site, has seen significant growth in the past year, gaining 213 percent to 538,000 visitors. MySpace captured 1.2 million visitors, up 10 percent over a year ago; Orkut attracted 638,000 visitors and Gree brought in 455,000 visitors.

Developers Start Cranking Out Yahoo BOSS Apps

Yahoo’s opening of the Build your Own Search Service (BOSS) pulled plenty of developers to the challenge of creating projects that tap the resources of Yahoo Search.

LaTimes.com Credits SEO As Traffic Winner
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Tech-pundits have droned on for years that print is dead. It sure started to seem that way this year, with report after report of lost newspaper revenue and subscribers. Cooler heads all along have countered the impending doom theory with the idea that nothing worth anything dies—it only evolves. The LA Times puts itself up an example of the latter idea.

Reuters Seeks Political MoJo

Mobile journalism appeals to Reuters as conventions for the Democratic and Republican political parties prepare to take place in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Live Search Unveils Impressive Olympic Features
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A picture of an ice cave is currently displayed on the Live Search homepage, but Microsoft’s users aren’t being left in the cold when it comes to Olympic-related information.  Several special features have already launched, and even more are on the way.

The most immediately noticeable thing may be the disappearance of said ice cave.  In an email to WebProNews, a Microsoft spokesman wrote, "The Live.com Homepage will rotate Olympics images in the background for the duration of the games."

MySpace Announces Decison08 Contest Winners

MySpace and NBC have announced the winners of the Decsion08 Convention contest for citizen journalists.

Close to 50,000 MySpace users cast votes and selected Matt Britten and Sara Pat Badgley to act as citizen journalists at the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions.

Kaminsky applauds industry response to DNS flaw

The threat of a DNS cache poisoning issue found by security researcher Dan Kaminsky scared the virtual pants off the technology industry, who responded well to the situation.

Google Announces New Content Network Features
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A conversion might, if an advertiser is lucky, take place after a consumer sees a single ad.  Several viewings are slightly more likely to result in a positive outcome.  But there’s little to be gained the 48th time around, and in a nod to this reality, Google’s introducing some new features on its content network.

Parents Monitoring Kids Social Network Use

Close to a quarter of children in the UK between the ages of 8 and 12 are able to get around age restrictions imposed by social networks Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, according to a survey by online identify firm Garlik.

Because of this the majority (72%) of parents are monitoring their kids online activity. Twenty-five percent of parents secretly login to their child’s social networking page and over a quarter (26%) have created their own social networking profile to monitor their kids.

Microsoft Wields Updated Webmaster Tools
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Microsoft’s Live Search behavior should yield more information to site publishers as the company took its Webmaster Tools out of beta and tweaked them with some new features.

Facebook Higher-Ups Cashing In Their Chips

Permission to sell their insider shares led some Facebook executives to taking substantial discounts from the company’s $15 billion valuation to get those sales done.

Google Copyright Lawyer Seals His Blog
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Highly public position allegedly caused confusion with readers who attributed his personal views to be Google’s opinions.