The Missing Credit of “The Social Network”
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Last year, Facebook settled a trademark dispute with Aaron Greenspan, CEO of Think Computer Corporation and Harvard classmate of Mark Zuckerberg, who built houseSYSTEM, a section of which was called "The Universal Facebook".

NFL.com Partners With Akamai On Higher Quality Video

The National Football League said today it will offer higher quality online video via the Akamai HD network.

The majority of video content on NFL.com will be offered in higher quality across the Akamai HD Network, including NFL.com Live: Thursday Night Football, video highlights of every NFL game and coverage of other NFL events.


Google Goes After Rogue Pharmacies

Google’s online advertising guidelines are clear on many issues, including the fact that "Google AdWords prohibits the promotion of online pharmacies and prescription drugs."  But some organizations have pushed ahead, anyway, and in response, Google has decided to sue what it considers "rogue pharmacies."

Yesterday morning, Google filed a civil suit in federal court against advertisers that have intentionally defied its pharmacy-related rules.  More defendants are supposed to be named in the future, too.

Facebook Should Now Be Less Annoying to Those Who Don’t Play Games

Facebook has launched some new features related to controlling game updates seen in the news feed. Before, Facebook users could hide an application story or block it completely, but now game stories will only post to the news feed if you’re actually playing the game. 

Six Apart Gets Scooped Up By VideoEgg to Form SAY Media

VideoEgg announced that it has agreed to acquire Six Apart, makers of the TypePad blogging platform. Together, they are forming a new brand, called SAY Media. They have a combined global audience of  345 million, which should be attractive to advertisers. 

Nokia Exec Compares Android to Boys Peeing Their Pants
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Anssi Vanjoki , the soon-to-be former head of Nokia’s smartphone unit, has reportedly said that mobile phone makers that adopt Android are like Finnish boys who "pee in their pants" for warmth in the winter. This is according to an article from the Financial Times, which has gained a good deal of exposure today. If Android is cool, consider me Miles Davis

eBay Talks Policy Changes That Will Affect Buyers and Sellers
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eBay has announced some updates to its Feedback, Seller Standards and Buyer Protection systems. The company says they’re designed to ensure  your seller performance ratings are a "true reflection" of the service provided.

Google Launches New Gmail App for Android
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Google has released a new version of the Gmail app for in the Android Market. The company says Gmail updates are no longer tied to Android version releases, though the update does require Froyo (Android 2.2). 

Facebook Making Changes Towards Their ‘Rejection’ System

Whenever we bark about Facebook and privacy I liken it to complaining about politicians. In my mind, you have no, as in zero, right to complain about a politician if you didn’t cast a vote during the election of that official. Plain and simple. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Site Compiles Google Instant Blacklist
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Last week, Danny Sullivan posted an article at Search Engine Land about the things Google Instant blacklists – the words you can type in the search box that won’t deliver Instant results, mainly due to potential offensiveness. 2600.com has taken things a step further, and is actually compiling what it is calling the Google Blacklist.


Google PowerMeter Gets New Partner

Powerhouse Dynamics, provider of eMonitor, a circuit-level home energy tool, has become an integrated device partner with Google PowerMeter.

“Powerhouse Dynamics’ integrated device partnership with Google PowerMeter provides our customers with one more level of convenience in viewing home power consumption,” said Powerhouse VP of Business Development Tim Durant.”


Facebook Users May Have People Following Them They Aren’t Aware Of

Facebook has a somewhat hidden feature that lets people follow your updates when you’re not actually friends with them. Before you freak out, this is only applicable for updates that are shared publicly. 

Major Security Flaw Discovered (and Exploited) on Twitter
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Update: Twitter has addressed the issue on the main company blog:

The short story: This morning at 2:54 am PDT Twitter was notified of a security exploit that surfaced about a half hour before that, and we immediately went to work on fixing it. By 7:00 am PDT, the primary issue was solved. And, by 9:15 am PDT, a more minor but related issue tied to hovercards was also fixed. 

The longer version of the story can be read on the blog

Google Adds Web Font Support to Google Docs
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Google announced today that Google Docs now supports web fonts using the Google Font API. To start off, there are six new fonts available.

Google Creates Themed Ads For Custom Search

Bold, in-your-face ads have never been Google’s style; instead, the search giant professes to prefer ads that attract users’ attention by being relevant.  So now, in a move appropriate to that philosophy, Google’s introduced themed ads matched to Google Custom Search.

Sites with grayish backgrounds and some green text will now be accompanied by similarly colored ads.  Ditto for sites with greenish backgrounds and some purple text, or whatever the case may be.

Twitter Tapped By Drug Maker To Fight Pharmacy Crime

Purdue Pharma said today it will use Twitter to fight pharmacy crime by sharing information about pharmacy robberies with law enforcement officials and pharmacy staff.

Watch: Google-Sponsored Internet at Liberty 2010 Event

Google, along with Central European University, is sponsoring a conference in Budapest called Internet at Liberty 2010. The conference, Google says, "brings together grassroots global activists alongside representatives of NGOs, academic centers, governments and corporations in order to explore the many issues at hand."

Bonanzle Buys 1000 Markets, Becomes Bonanza
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E-Commerce site Bonanzle, which is often touted as an alternative to eBay, has acquired artisan merchandise site 1000 Markets, and changed its name to Bonanza. The combined company, which will take aim at sites like Etsy, is located at Bonanza.com, with a new design. 

AOL And Patch Partner With Colleges On Journalism
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AOL and its subsidiary Patch have launched PatchU, a new network of partnerships between local Patch online publications and colleges and universities, with a focus on helping the next generation of journalists.

The initiative, which launched this fall, offers interships and coursework at local Patch publications to students under the guidance  of Patch’s editors.

Hulu Plus v2.02 Released
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Fair warning: Hulu Plus remains in a state of "limited preview," and its controversial fee/commercial setup hasn’t changed, either.  But v2.02 was released this morning, and it should go a ways towards making Hulu Plus more attractive to potential users.

Oracle and HP Make Up

Update 3: The companies have apparently resolved their differences and will continue their partnership. Bloomberg BusinessWeek has details

Update 2: Oracle has responded with the following statement:

The New Foursquare Emerges for iPhone

Foursquare announced version 2.0 of its iPhone app, as well as a new way to connect it to the web. There are three main features that Foursquare is emphasizing with today’s announcement. 

Yahoo Patents May Cover Google Instant
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No one’s launched a product or sent in the lawyers just yet, but it looks like Yahoo is on Google’s tail in terms of instant search and might trip up its rival with a legal objection.  Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Yahoo Search Products, has indicated that Google Instant infringes on perhaps five patents Yahoo holds.

Is an Apple Store for Print Publications Really the Answer?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple could announce a "print subscription" offering as early as the next month or two. The publication cites "people familiar with that matter", though one of these people said it may come early next year, alongside the next version of the iPad. That sounds more like Apple’s style to me.