Flixster and BuddyTV Team Up on Ad Sales

Flixster has announced a partnership with BuddyTV, which involves the creation of an advertising platform to reach users of both networks.

Visa Launches its PayPal Competitor in Australia

Last month we saw MasterCard make a move to start gunning for PayPal. Now it’s Visa. Visa has launched a new payments service called PayClick in Australia, but reportedly has "a view" for global markets.

Google, Twitter Document Political History In Australia

This week, Australia got its first female prime minister (Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd following a surprise challenge for the leadership of the Labor Party), and throughout all of the excitement, it seems that Google and perhaps Twitter provided two significant ways for people to keep up with events.

Amazon Against Post Office Ending Saturday Mail Delivery. Netflix Ok With it.
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As you may know, there is talk that the U.S. Postal Service could end mail delivery on Saturdays. Internet companies that ship items to consumers don’t all have the same opinion on this matter, as is evidenced by comments from Amazon and Netflix.

Farmville Launches On The App Store
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Zynga said today it is launching its popular social game Farmville for iPhone and iPod touch.

The company said this week marks the one year anniversary of the game and Farmville has attracted 75 million users worldwide.

The move by Zynga builds on its strategy to bring social games to a broader audience across a number of platforms. The Farmville App offers players a new social gaming experience via the touchscreen. By swiping a finger or double tapping to zoom in and out, players can view their farms, harvest crops or drive tractors.

MySpace Comes to Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger
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MySpace has announced integration with Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail. The beta integration is rolling out to mutual users of the two services starting today.

"By integrating core features of both platforms, users will be able to discover what their friends are doing online through photos and the activity stream across social networks," says MySpace’s Manu Rekhi.

Twitter Aims to Make Finding Your Real Friends Easier

Twitter has updated its "Find Friends" feature, which could go a long way in getting users who are still skeptical about how Twitter can be useful to them, to have more of a reason to keep using the service.

eBay Acquires Barcode-Scanning iPhone App

A popular iPhone app is now the property of eBay and about to get much better.  eBay announced this afternoon that it’s acquired RedLaser, and the company best known for its auction site intends to make the app free, increase merchandise selection, and integrate it into other products.

RedLaser is actually free as of this moment – eBay made that transition immediately – so don’t hesitate to act if you’re interested in trying it out.  The app is meant to help consumers look up product information and compare prices online.

YouTube Victorious in Battle with Viacom
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Google is reporting that it has won its long legal battle with Viacom. Google Vice President & General Counsel Kent Walker had the following to say on the YouTube blog:

Russian President Joins Twitter
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Another very significant person has come to recognize the value of Twitter.  Today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stopped by Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, met with the company’s executives, and sent his first tweets.

Microsoft and Mediabrands Announce Advertising Coalition Led by 4A’s

Today Microsoft Advertising and Mediabrands announced developments on the Media Operations Management System (M.O.M.S.), which is described as "an agency agnostic, enterprise-level architecture to connect the marketing ecosystem."

YouTube to Reward Partners Who Put Ratings on Content

YouTube announced to is U.S. partners today that it has recently rolled out its content rating system to all U.S. partner-uploaded content, and giving away a prize to the first ten  partners that add ratings to all of their content by the end of July.

Google Shares Its Viewpoint on Earning Quality Links
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SEO changes all the time as search engines make adjustments to their algorithms and user interfaces, users adopt new technologies, etc. Still some things never change, like Google’s view on spammy links.

Do you agree with Google’s philosophy on link-building? Share your thoughts here.

Google “Open Sources” Froyo

The Droid X (running Android 2.1) from Verizon and Motorola was announced today, and along with that, Google announced that it is open sourcing Android 2.2 (or Froyo) to its partners who manufacture Android devices.

.ORG Gets New Security Protection

The Public Interest Registry, the organization that manages .ORG addresses, said today it’s the first generic top-level domain (gTLD) to offer Domain Name System Security Extensions or DDNSSEC.

Google Launches Ad News Site
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Google has launched a new advertising news resource called simply "Google Ad News." It’s a site that is powered by Google News and various ad-related categories you can choose feeds from.

iPhone 4 Reviews Take Over the Web

iPhone 4 reviews are all over the web now. Techmeme has a pretty huge roundup of them. You can find just about every angle of this phone covered, including the insides.

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple may be adding another patent infringement lawsuit against HTC. These two companies already have suits against each other.

Google Apps Gets Multi-Domain Support
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Google has introduced multi-domain support in Google Apps. This comes in a new admin control that lets businesses and organizations with two or more domains on Google Apps manage them from a single control panel.

Zuckerberg On 1 Billion Users: “Almost A Guarantee”
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not think small.  "Big" doesn’t do his objectives justice, either.  At the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival today, Zuckerberg talked about getting 1 billion users and making his site the top social network in every country in the world.

Rude Behavior Causing Americans To Tune Out Social Networks
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More than one-third (34%) of Americans are "tuning out" social networking sites, with 39 percent doing so because of rude behavior, according to a new survey by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research.

What’s the Best Way to Market to Mobile Users?

Dynmark has released a report based on a study of creative marketing agencies’ use of mobile marketing. The firm spoke with figureheads from agencies including Ogilvy, Gyro HSR and Essence Media.

What ways do you use mobile in your marketing mix? Discuss here.

Big Name Internet Marketers Join Forces for BlueGlass

Some big names in Internet marketing have gotten together and started up BlueGlass Interactive, described as a "new agency concept that combines proven online marketing strategies and resutls with a suite of proprietary technologies."

Twitter’s New “Forces of Good” Stream

Back in January, Twitter launched Hope140.org, a site dedicated to showing the ways that Twitter is helping the world. Now, they’ve launched a Twitter account for it. Today, co-founder Biz Stone tweeted about it:

One-Fifth Of Android Apps Said To Pose Security Risks
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Everyone would do well to show a little caution when browsing the Android Market, according to a new report.  SMobile Systems – which specializes in security issues pertaining to mobile phones and the wireless infrastructure – believes 20 percent of the available applications allow third parties access to info better left unshared.