Antietam Broadband
Small ISP Permanently Ends Data Caps

Antietam Broadband, based in Maryland, has boldly gone where big ISPs fear to tread: It has removed data caps permanently.

Are Big Conferences Going Virtual?

Virtual events are pretty convenient and they may be here to stay.

Bing Search
Bing Webmaster Tools Provides Backlink Data On Similar Sites

Bing has unveiled a new feature that gives users competitive backlink data for similar and recommended sites.

Magnifying Glass - Image by Gerd Altmann
Senators Will Introduce Coronavirus Data Privacy Bill

A group of senators will introduce legislation to help protect consumer privacy as companies focus on using data to help combat COVID-19.

How Amperity Uses Machine Learning To Unlock Data and Supercharge Marketing - Matthew Biboud-Lubeck
How Amperity Uses Machine Learning To Unlock Data and Supercharge Marketing

We put together cloud computing that was scalable with better economics alongside a machine learning algorithm that we were pointing at the data to help make sense of it. We realized that what we had was a pretty scalable solution to help brands get to that nirvana of a single view of the customer.

Twitter Disables User Control of Advertising Data

Twitter took a big step backward in its efforts to protect user privacy, eliminating user control over data used for advertising.

The Hidden Threat Of Physical Data Theft

Basic security measures often lull us into a false sense of security. Passwords will protect a laptop or a smartphone to a certain point, but unless there is high-tech encryption of the data contained on these devices a simple password alone is not enough.

Hongkong Railway
China Using Big Data and AI to Fight Coronavirus

In an effort to get ahead of the corona virus, China is turning to big…

Digital Transformation is the Biggest Opportunity of Our Time

I’m so excited about this cloud future and digital transformation. I have been all over the world and met hundreds of customers in the last three months. Digital transformation is the biggest opportunity of our time. ServiceNow is the platform that essentially is the platform of all platforms. Every environment in the enterprise today is a heterogeneous environment.

Toyota Car
Toyota Tackles Unintended Acceleration With Big Data

According to Reuters, Toyota is applying big data in an effort to prevent unintended acceleration,…

Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Open NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show

In a press release issued today, the National Retail Federation (NRF) announced that Microsoft CEO…

Toyota Car
Toyota and Weathernew Partner to Use IoT and Big Data to Increase Driver Safety

Toyota and Weathernews have announced a partnership to improve weather forecast accuracy and driver safety.…

iOS 13’s Privacy Changes Have Big Repercussions For Businesses

On September 10, Apple held their “By Invitation Only” event, unveiling new iPhones, Apple Arcade,…

VMware COO Sanjay Poonen: We Have a Bigger Plan For Security
VMware COO: We Have a Bigger Plan For Security

Fundamentally, we have a bigger plan for security, says VMware COO Sanjay Poonen. We felt it was the perfect time for us to come up with a disruptive play that was based on big data, was AI, and was cloud-based. There were only two companies doing it, CrowdStrike and Carbon Black.

We Built the Data Platform For AI To Enable Safe Self-Driving Cars, Says Scale AI CEO Alexandr Wang
We Built the Data Platform For AI To Enable Safe Self-Driving Cars, Says Scale AI CEO

“What we’ve done at Scale is built the data platform for AI,” says Scale AI’s 22-year-old CEO, Alexandr Wang. “AI is really built on top of data and these algorithms require billions and billions of examples of labeled data to be able to perform in a safe or reliable way. Then they use the data to build their self-driving cars.”

We Enable Small Sellers To Compete With the Big Guys, Says Etsy CEO Josh Silverman
We Enable Small Sellers To Compete With the Big Guys, Says Etsy CEO

We allow small sellers to be able to compete head-to-head with the big guys, says Etsy CEO Josh Silverman. We do that by giving them a super simple and easy way to build a business online and market themselves while we do all the business work for them. They can just focus on making great products and serving their customers.

The Confluence of These 3 Things is Bringing Us To a Data-Centric World, Says Fungible CEO Pradeep Sindhu
The Confluence of These 3 Things is Bringing Us To a Data-Centric World

“What Fungible is set to do is to revolutionize the economics, the reliability, and the performance, of data centers at all scales and in all geographies,” says Fungible CEO Pradeep Sindhu. “The reason that it is time to do this is because of some of the really important trends that have been happening over the last 15 to 20 years.”

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook on how AI is driving growth.
How McDonald’s Is Using Data, Machine Learning, and AI to Accelerate Growth

“Our acquisition of Dynamic Yield has brought us a lot of excitement,” says McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook. “In the online world when we’re shopping and we pick an item and put it into our shopping basket, any website will automatically suggest two or three things to go along with it. We’re the first business that we’re aware of that can bring that into the physical world.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger at 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland
Disruption Caused By Technology Certainly Is a Big Issue, Says Disney CEO

“When I think about what is going on in our businesses and our world today disruption caused by technology certainly is a big issue,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger while sitting within the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. “It’s one that I don’t necessarily get anxious about but one that I spend a lot of time on and am deeply focused on it.”

HPE Acquired Cray
HPE CEO: Reason For Acquiring Cray – The Data Around Us is Exploding

HPE announces intent to acquire Cray. “The main reason why we decided to pursue this acquisition is that the data around us is exploding,” Says HPE CEO Antonio Neri. “That data has value and the need to process that data faster continues to grow.”