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Tag: Xbox 720

There Won’t Be A Subsidized Version Of The Next Xbox [Rumor]
One of the better deals in gaming today is a $99 Xbox 360 that’s subsidized with two years of Xbox Live. Rumors suggested that Microsoft would b...
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The Next Xbox Will Still Work Without An Internet Connection
One of the more controversial rumors surrounding the next Xbox is that it would require an always online Internet connection. Some rumors even said th...
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Will The Next Xbox Be Called The Xbox Fusion?
It’s pretty much a given that the next Xbox won’t be called the Xbox 720. As for the actual name, we just don’t know yet. Some have ...
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IllumiRoom Has The Potential To Be The Next Big Thing In Gaming
One of the coolest inventions shown at CES was IllumiRoom, a projector technology from Microsoft that would expand the gaming experience beyond the TV...
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The Next Xbox Will Be Unveiled On May 21
Earlier this month, rumors sprang up that Microsoft would be revealing the next Xbox on May 21. It turns out that those rumors were right on the money...
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The Next Xbox Wants To Take Over Your TV [Rumor]
Families that own a game console tend to keep it as a central part of the living room experience. They watch Netflix, Hulu and other digital programmi...
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Next Xbox Is Powered By AMD Jaguar CPU, Ditches Backwards Compatibility [Report]
During the PS4 reveal in February, Sony revealed that the console would be using AMD’s new Jaguar x86 system-on-a-chip architecture that combine...
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Xbox Special Event Planned For May 21 [Report]
After Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 in February, everybody turned to Microsoft expecting a reveal of the next Xbox. Previous rumors suggested an Apr...
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The Next Xbox Can Remain Offline For Only Three Minutes [Rumor]
One of the more persistent rumors about the next Xbox is that it will require an always online Internet connection. New reports seem to suggest that t...
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Check Out Some Gameplay From Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Earlier this month, Ubisoft revealed that the next Assassin’s Creed game would be titled Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The announcement...
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Microsoft To Get Exclusive EA Content On Next Xbox [Rumor]
EA has been a strong supporter of the PlayStation 3 since the early days. That tight relationship has continued into the present with Battlefield 3 DL...
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Next Generation Kinect To Have Higher Resolution, Larger Viewing Field [Rumor]
Microsoft’s Kinect was a pretty revolutionary piece of technology. It’s unfortunate that many of the games released for it have turned out...
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CD Projekt RED Talks Up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
RPG fans everywhere thanked their respective deities when CD Projekt RED announced last week that it would be finishing up Geralt of Rivia’s sto...
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Next Xbox Requires Kinect, Will Always Be Watching You [Rumor]
Microsoft caused a small panic a while back when it patented a method that would allow it to determine how many people were in a room at any given tim...
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Next Xbox To Feature Greatly Improved Speech Recognition [Rumor]
Despite being one of the coolest features in Kinect, its voice recognition software was often overlooked in favor of arm waving shenanigans. That may ...
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Next Xbox To Have Always Online DRM [Rumor]
One of the very first rumors concerning the next Xbox was that the console would block used games. After the rumor hit the streets, many disregarded a...
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Durango AKA Xbox 720 Specs Unveiled [Rumor]
The first half of the year before E3 is always full of rumors pertaining to what the major players in the gaming industry are going to show off. It...
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Sony Exec Teases PS4 Reveal In May
We all know that the next Xbox and PlayStation will be revealed this year. The most obvious place for a reveal would be at the annual E3 show in June,...
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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Takes Gaming Beyond the Edge of the TV Screen
Microsoft Research, Microsoft’s department for experimental computer science projects, has unveiled the “IllumiRoom,” a projector sy...
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Microsoft Buys R2 Studios, Begins Countdown to Big E3 Announcement
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft has purchased R2 Studios, a home automation technology startup. According to unnamed people “...
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