Will The Next Xbox Be Called The Xbox Fusion?

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It's pretty much a given that the next Xbox won't be called the Xbox 720. As for the actual name, we just don't know yet. Some have speculated that it would be called the Xbox 8 or Xbox Infinity, but a recent domain name grab from Microsoft points to an entirely different name.

Fusible reports that Microsoft has registered multiple domains for the name "Xbox Fusion." Now, Microsoft registers a lot of Xbox-themed domains, but what sets this one apart is the sheer number of domains it has registered. Aside from XboxFusion.com, there's also an XboxFusion.info, XboxFusion.biz, XboxFusion.co.uk and more.

The previous rumored name for the next Xbox was Xbox 8. That name came about after Microsoft grabbed a couple of Xbox 8-related domains from a Chinese cybersquatter in July of last year. In that case, however, Microsoft only obtained Xbox8.us and Xbox8.org. The Xbox8.com domain is still owned by somebody in China thus making the XboxFusion name that much more likely.

Some may gawk at the name Xbox Fusion for being silly, but it really does sum up what Microsoft is seemingly attempting with its next home console. It's no secret that Microsoft wants to take over the living room with its Xbox brand, and all the rumors we've heard thus far point to Microsoft fusing the world of console gaming with that of living room entertainment. That strategy is most apparent in the rumor that says the next Xbox will have an HDMI-in to route a cable box through. Doing so would provide an Xbox overlay on top of your TV setup so consumers would never have to leave the Xbox experience.

Of course, all of this could be wrong. Microsoft may be acquiring these domains for the inevitable reveal of Fuzion Frenzy 3 for the next Xbox.

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