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Tag: WTF

Missy Elliot Is Back With New Single, ‘WTF,’ Which Features Pharrell
Missy Elliot is back after more than a decade since she released her last album and eight months since she killed it during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl ...
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This Gun iPhone Case Is the Perfect Accessory for Getting Shot
I’m not saying that anyone deserves to be shot by the police, because they don’t – but if you’re walking around with an iPhone cas...
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Man Allegedly Confessed to Murdering Family on Facebook
“Emily had tried everything to get better but nothing seemed to help her. I took a gun and shot her in the head and now she is migraine free and...
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Florida Sheriff Charging Teen with ‘Hacking’: Change the Law If You’re Mad
Sheriff Chris Nocco of the Pasco County, Florida, Sheriff’s office isn’t all that concerned that his department is being mocked across the...
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‘Black Widow of Facebook’ Lured Men, Drugged Them, and Robbed Them
With a nickname like “Black Widow of Facebook”, you better be pretty good at your (con) job. And according to police, Sofia Davila was cer...
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Woman Who Cut Out Baby After Luring Mother on Craigslist Won’t Face Murder Charges
A decision not to file murder charges against a woman accused of cutting a seven-month-old fetus from its mother’s womb is setting off debates o...
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Woman Lures Pregnant Woman with Craigslist Ad, Cuts Out Baby
Online marketplace Craigslist has a reputation for attracting some pretty odd characters – some with severely bad intentions. The latest Craigslist-...
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This Lawmaker Wants to Ban Yoga Pants and Speedos
Meet David “Doc” Moore, a Republican legislator from Missoula, Montana. David Moore would like you to please refrain from wearing any sort...
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Teen Took Snapchat Selfie with Classmate He Shot in the Face: Police
In true wtf news of the day, a Jeannette, Pennsylvania teen is facing first-degree murder charges after he reportedly confessed to shooting his classm...
Read More Is Looking For Equity Partners
Yes, you read that right. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this one, but apparently Google reached a settlement with at one poin...
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Woman Who Met Mother on Facebook, Murdered Her, and Stole Her Baby Gets Life
A 31-year-old Texas woman will spend the rest of her life in prison after pleading guilty to a crime involving Facebook, kidnapping, and murder. Adria...
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Googler Arrested in Nude Photo Extortion Scheme
The FBI has arrested an “Internal Technology Resident” at Google after he allegedly obtained nude photos of a Texas college student by way...
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Florida Bus Crash Involves School Bus, Naked Woman
Car crashes happen every day all over the world and are so common that the majority of them do not even make local headlines. There are exceptions, of...
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Uber Driver Reportedly Smashed a Passenger’s Head with a Hammer
It’s Monday, and on-demand car service Uber is facing another PR nightmare after a driver in San Francisco allegedly smashed a passenger in the ...
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Woman Gets Third Boob, Will Need Custom Bras for Life
A woman in Florida has decided that she doesn’t want to date anymore. While some people would shut down their Facebook account or delete the Tin...
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Woman Beaten by Angry Taco Bell Breakfast Seekers
Much to the delight of people who hear ‘waffle taco’ and think ‘perfect start to my day’, Taco Bell began offering breakfast b...
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We Need to Talk About the TSA’s Batsh*t Insane Instagram Account
No, I don’t want to talk about how you feel about the TSA. I know the TSA harasses old ladies and makes cute little children cry. I know the TSA...
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Dumb Sexting Case Gets Even Dumber As Cops Try to Photograph Teen’s Erect Penis
The Manassas City Police Department and Prince William County prosecutors would like to combat child porn by creating some of their own. The Washingto...
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12-Year-Old Slender Man Devotees Stab Girl 19 Times
Two twelve-year-old Waukesha, Wisconsin girls have been charged as adults with attempted murder after stabbing a classmate 19 times in an attempt to a...
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If You Drop Your Phone in a Septic Tank, Just Let It Go Man
As a 28-year-old whose screws up a lot, I in no way feel qualified to dispense life advice on most topics. Having said that, I feel pretty confident i...
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