This Gun iPhone Case Is the Perfect Accessory for Getting Shot

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I'm not saying that anyone deserves to be shot by the police, because they don't – but if you're walking around with an iPhone case that looks like a gun sticking out of your pocket, you deserve to be shot by the police more than I do.

In yes, we're all about to celebrate America for a weekend buy why news, police across the country are suddenly warning people about the dangers of putting your iPhone in a case that strongly resembles a real gun.

"Please folks - this cell phone case is not a cool product or a good idea. A police officers job is hard enough, without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone decides without thinking to pull this out while stopped for a motor vehicle violation. What do you think?" wrote the Ocean County, New Jersey Prosecutor's Office on Facebook.

A spokesman for the office said he found the photo on a "closed social media site for cops," according to CNN.

It's unclear who manufactures the case, but it's available to purchase on Amazon and eBay right now.

On Amazon, people are writing negative reviews urging Amazon to pull the product.

"Dear Amazon: I highly recommend that you remove this product from your website right now! Your corporate attorneys will thank you, as will the law enforcement officers who might otherwise be put into a tragic and unnecessary lethal force situation!" says one reviewer.

"Amazon...this is highly offensive and dangerous! Some idiot will buy this and end up getting killed by police. Come on – do NOT SELL this crap," says another.

Just think about things before you buy them. Just for a second. Ok?

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