'Black Widow of Facebook' Lured Men, Drugged Them, and Robbed Them

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With a nickname like "Black Widow of Facebook", you better be pretty good at your (con) job.

And according to police, Sofia Davila was certainly that.

Fox News reports that the 21-year-old Argentinian woman has been arrested after she was caught in one of her Facebook robbery schemes. Apparently, Davila's M.O. was to use the social networking site to attract men, usually with suggestive photos. Once she had their attention, she'd offer to meet them for sex at a hotel or sometimes at their own home.

Of course, what seems too good to be true usually is. According to police, Davilia would spike her victims' drinks, wait for them to pass out, and rob them blind.

"We went to a hotel and had a good time and when she suggested we meet again I didn't think anything was suspicious. The next time we met she came to my place and said she'd like to drink her own alcohol and poured me one too. I then began to fill ill and passed out. When I woke up my feet and hands were tied and there were two men in my flat taking my TV, stereo and other things," one of the victims told The Daily Mail.

Las oportunidades tiene fecha de caducidad, aprovecha el hoy.

Posted by Sofia Davila on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Davila has some balls, as police say she came into the station to report the thefts, claiming she had been forced to leave by said men and was unable to stop them. This eventually aroused suspicion, however, as more victims began to talk of meeting a woman on Facebook.

Here's what the police had to say, via Metro:

The problem with her statement was that we had already received a dozen complaints from other men saying they had been robbed after meeting a woman over Facebook. This was the first time the woman had actually shown up herself though, but because she matched the description we already had we decided to hold her for questioning. As soon as we spoke to the victim we knew she was the woman behind the robberies and it only took a little while before we had a full confession. We also found that the man had been drugged.

In all, Davila reportedly confessed to more than 15 robberies. Once again, if a hot woman approaches you for sex on Facebook, think with your brain, not with your dick.

Image via Sofia Davila, Facebook

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