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WebProNews Launches HiTechEdge, a Consumer Tech Website
We’re excited to announce the official launch of HiTechEdge, a site dedicated to consumer-oriented tech....
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Android Tablet: How Miracast Works
More and more often, as of late, devices are supporting “Miracast.” Making its way into the mainstream, Miracast is a magnificent feature ...
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You Can Now See All The Erroneous DMCA Takedown Requests Google Gets
Google does a lot of work for copyright holders in the US. Under the DMCA, Google has to delete infringing links from its search results. It used to b...
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SXSW Interactive About to Start in Austin
SXSW Interactive starts tomorrow. WebProNews reporters Abby Johnson and Chris Crum, along with videographer Cara Worick will be in Austin providing co...
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Embed Facebook Updates or Tweets in Your Content with SocialDitto
Last month, we introduced a tool called SocialDitto. The idea was to offer a tool that would do for Facebook posts what Blackbird Pie did for Tweets. ...
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What’s Going on in Search and eBusiness
At SMX East in New York, Bing announced new Webmaster Tools features including a link report. Google also added percent change data to its own Webm...
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Is Google Buzz A Flop?
Earlier this year Google added a new product to the already overflowing social-space. Its name was Bu...
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Centralize Files with HP MediaSmart Server
At CES 2010, WebProNews met with Steve Murtha from Intel to disc...
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Regen’s New Light Powered Products
Living 'green' seems to be a growing theme to help make our planet become a more eco-friendly environment. While at ...
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Polaroid Aims to Recapture Tradition in the Digital Age
Jon Pollock, Polaroid's Chief Marketing Officer, spoke with WebProNews about the new addition to thei...
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Intel Connects Laptops to HDTVs With WiDi
During CES 2010, WebProNews was introduced to ...
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Close-Up with Samsung’s New Line-Up
One of the most discussed displays at CES 2010 was Samsung's exhibit....
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Wrapsol’s New Scratch-Free Film Protector
Today, protecting our cellphones, ipods, and other electronic devices is important to us due to their worth. At CE...
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HSTi Wireless Media Stick Allows Streaming Media
During CES 2010, WebProNews discovered an interesting product fo...
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All-in-One Keyboard, Mouse and Remote Control
"Simple is better" seems to be the way of thinking with much of the new technology that is approaching us all so quickly. At ...
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Checking Out the OtterBox Tandem Series
OtterBox introduced the new Tandem Serie...
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3D Printer Can Make You Anything
When WebProNews hit Vegas for the CES 2010 conference, we came a...
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CES About to Kick Off the Year in Technology
The Consumer Electronics Association is hosting the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week...
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Top 15 Things You Loved to Talk About in 2009
Just as we did at the end of 2008, we...
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