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Last month, we introduced a tool called SocialDitto. The idea was to offer a tool that would do for Facebook posts what Blackbird Pie did for Tweets. It simply lets you embed posts into articles, blog posts, or any webpage.

Now, SocialDitto works for both Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, so content producers, bloggers, and journalists can do either with one tool (with more services to be supported in the future).

There are plenty of cases when such a tool can be useful. I'm sure you've seen plenty of Tweets embedded in news articles. You've likely also seen screenshots of noteworthy Facebook posts. With SocialDitto, you can simply paste the URL of the post/tweet into the box, and get embed code, which will produce a box containing the post, with clickable links and all. It's quite convenient.

Let's say for example that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just bought a dog and created a Facebook Page for it. Big news right? If you were covering it, wouldn't it be nice to include one of the dog's updates in the article for added value?

BeastJust learned how to climb stairs. I'm such a champion.

When we talked about SocialDitto previously, we used the example of when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, providing a nice embeddable version of an update from the team's official page. If you had been covering their offensive coaching staff changes, you may have embedded this tweet from the Packers' Twitter account:

Packers announce offensive coaching staff changes: http://pckrs.com/rtb9 10 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

You get the idea.

You can even switch between the old-style Twitter design or the new style. As an added benefit, I often find that the timestamp is off when using BlackBird pie, SocialDitto keeps that more accurate.

“Our goal is to make SocialDitto synonymous with social media conversations,” says SocialDitto lead developer Mike Marr. “We filled a gap by providing this service for Facebook, and we've expanded upon the popular BlackBird Pie for Twitter. Feedback has been very positive. We still have a long list of additional features to implement, including support of additional social media sites.”

The bottom line is that news-makers use social media, and they often say worthwhile things through their social media accounts. SocialDitto simply makes capturing these things for articles easy and user-friendly.

SocialDitto's developers are listening. Feedback welcome.

Chris Crum
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