VPN Providers Abandon India Amid Privacy Crackdown

As expected, India’s new privacy regulations are leading to a mass exodus of VPN providers.

Lawmakers Want the FTC to Address VPN Providers’ ‘Deceptive Data Practices’

Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Anna G. Eshoo have written FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan asking the agency to address “deceptive data practices” in the VPN industry.

VPN Providers May Be Forced to Pull Out of India

VPN providers may be forced to pull out of the Indian market over a new law that undermines the privacy VPNs offer.

ExpressVPN Offering One-Time $100,000 Bug Bounty

ExpressVPN is offering a one-time, $100,000 reward to anyone who can hack its servers.

US Carriers Deny Blocking iCloud Private Relay — Mostly

Following reports that T-Mobile was blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay, all three major US carriers have denied actively blocking it — for the most part.

New York Times: ‘Stop Paying for a VPN’

Writing for the New York Times, Brian X. Chen makes the case that it’s time to stop paying for VPNs.

ExpressVPN Linked to UAE Spy Ring, Company’s Integrity in Question

ExpressVPN may be one of the most popular VPN options available, but some are calling for users to abandon it as its integrity is now in question.

Microsoft, Google and VPN Apps the Big Winners of Remote Work

Amid the pandemic-fueled transition to remote work, VPNs, Microsoft and Google apps are among the fastest-growing productivity apps.

Mozilla Expands VPN to Mac and Linux – Testing Included

Mozilla has expanded its VPN service to include support for the Mac and Linux platforms.

FBI Warns of Increased Voice Phishing Attacks Over VoIP

The FBI is warning that cyber criminals are taking advantage of VoIP systems to target company employees in sophisticated voice phishing attacks.

Exposed Credentials Leave 100,000+ Zyxel Firewalls and VPNS Vulnerable

A researcher at Dutch security firm EYE has discovered a critical vulnerability in Zyxel’s firewall and VPN gateways, as a result of exposed credentials.

Ransomware Results In a Fatality In Germany

Ransomware has been a growing issue for years but, in a first, ransomware appears to have caused the death of a hospital patient.

Mozilla’s Firefox VPN Now Available In Beta

Mozilla’s standalone Firefox VPN service has entered beta and is available for Windows, Android and Chromebooks.

EU Ramps Up Facebook Antitrust Inquiry

European Union (EU) investigators are ramping up their antitrust inquiry into Facebook’s data practices, according to The Wall Street Journal. The EU’s investigators have been requesting “documents related to allegations by rival companies and politicians that Facebook leveraged access to…

Don’t Snoop Me Bro Is Your Easy To Use Anti-NSA Device

Privacy and anonymity on the Internet are no longer an expectation on the Internet. If you don’t want somebody snooping through your traffic, you have to work for it. Unfortunately, encrypting your connection through a VPN can sometimes be a…

VPN Interest Spikes After “Six Strikes” Goes Live

It was pretty much a given that the Copyright Alert System, better known as “Six Strikes,” would increase the use of VPNs or proxies in the U.S. Still, it’s nice to confirm our assumptions, and a report released today does…

AT&T and IBM Announce a Cloud Service For Private Networks

This week AT&T and IBM announced that they will be teaming up to provide a “network-enabled” cloud service for private networks. The product will be promoted to Fortune 1000 companies across the world as an option for companies that need…