Intel Loses $8 Billion Market Value in ‘Historic Collapse’

Intel’s recovery hit a major speedbump Friday as the company saw $8 billion of its market value wiped away, surprising analysts.

TSMC Readies 3nm Chips for Next-Gen Macs and iPhones

TSMC is preparing to mass produce its next generation 3nm chips, which will be used in Apple’s Macs and iPhones.

TSMC’s Arizona Plant Will Have Its Most Advanced Capabilities

TSMC’s founder Morris Chang has confirmed the company’s Arizona plant will feature its most advanced capabilities.

Apple Plans to Purchase Chips From TSMC’s Arizona Plant

Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly said the company will purchase chips from a plant in Arizona, a major step toward supply chain diversification.

MediaTek Opens the Door to a Move Away From Taiwan

MediaTek, one of the world’s leading smartphone chipmakers, is open to the possibility of moving away from Taiwan, at least ‘incrementally.’

TSMC Eyeing Major Expansion of Arizona Semiconductor Presence

The CHIPS Act appears to be paying off, with TSMC looking to significantly expand its semiconductor presence in Arizona.

TSMC Stops Production for Chinese Biren Technology Amid US Sanctions

Pressure is mounting on China’s semiconductor industry as TSMC has stopped making chips for Chinese startup Biren Technology.

TSMC Warns a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Shut It Down

TSMC is sounding the warning about a potential Chinese invasion, saying such an eventually would effectively shut down the chipmaker.

US Chip Deal Would Stop Companies From Expanding Advanced Chip Production in China

The US passed a major piece of legislation aimed at revitalizing US semiconductor manufacturing, but it also does much to inhibit China’s chip industry.

Intel Scores MediaTek As Foundry Customer

Intel has scored a major victory, securing Taiwan’s MediaTek as a customer for its foundry services.

Volkswagen and STMicro Partner to Design New Automotive Semiconductors

Volkwagen and STMicro are working together to design new semiconductors for automobiles in a bid to ease the chip shortage.

Samsung Beats TSMC to 3-Nanometer Chip Production

Samsung has achieved a major milestone, beating rival TSMC to 3-nanometer production.

TSMC May Edge Out Intel’s Quarterly Revenue for the First Time

TSMC’s rise to the world’s top semiconductor maker continues unabated, with the company about to hit a major milestone: beating Intel’s quarterly revenue.

Chinese Economist: China ‘Must Seize TSMC’ If the West Imposes Sanctions

TSMC is once again factoring into geopolitical posturing, with a Chinese economist saying the country should invade Taiwan and seize TSMC in the event of sanctions.

Samsung Preparing to Raise Chip Prices

Samsung is reportedly preparing to raise chip prices, a move that could significantly impact the price of smartphones and other electronics.

Intel Working to Buy Tower Semiconductor For $6 Billion

Intel is preparing to purchase Tower Semiconductor for $5 billion, the latest move in the company’s attempt to regain its standing in the industry.

Intel’s CEO: ‘AMD In the Rearview Mirror…Never Again In the Windshield’

Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger released a video on LinkedIn welcoming the new year, and took the opportunity to take a major swipe at rival AMD.

TSMC Founder Doesn’t Think Gelsinger Has Enough Time to Save Intel

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is going full speed ahead in his efforts to turn Intel around, but TSMC founder Morris Chang thinks he’ll run out of time.

Apple’s M3 Chip Nears Production

Apple may have just released the M1 Pro and Max, but reports indicate the company’s M3 is nearing production.

Intel CEO: Previous CEOs Lost Focus on What Made Company Successful

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger isn’t pulling any punches about why Intel has struggled recently, blaming his predecessors for leading the company the wrong way.