Intel CEO: Previous CEOs Lost Focus on What Made Company Successful

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger isn’t pulling any punches about why Intel has struggled recently, blaming his predecessors for leading the company the wrong way.

TSMC and Sony May Team Up on New Chip Factory in Japan

TSMC and Sony may team up on a new semiconductor factory in Japan, in an effort to hep ease the semiconductor shortage.

TSMC Will Be Carbon Neutral By 2050

TSMC has announced it plans to be carbon neutral by 2050, a major achievement for the world’s largest chip foundry.

TSMC Set to Raise Prices

TSMC is preparing to raise prices on its chip production, a move that will have a global impact on the price of electronics.

Samsung Scores Big Win With Google’s Pixel 6

Samsung may be the big winner with Google’s upcoming Pixel 6, manufacturing both the processor and the modem.

Intel Wins Pentagon Contract for US-Made Chips

Intel has won part of a $100 million contract to build US-made chips for the Pentagon, a win for the company’s upcoming foundry division.

TSMC Is Now Asia’s Most Valuable Company, Leapfrogging Tencent

TSMC has passed Tencent to become Asia’s most valuable company, a testament to TSMC’s ascendance and Tencent’s troubles at home.

Intel Scores Amazon and Qualcomm as Foundry Clients

Intel has scored a big win in its efforts to rebuild its semiconductor manufacturing, with Qualcomm and Amazon set to use its foundries.

TSMC Turns in Record Quarter, Warns of Ongoing Shortages

TSMC reported its quarterly earnings, including record sales and an 11% increase in revenue.

Apple and Intel Adopting TSMC’s 3-Nanometer Tech

Apple and Intel are already working to adopt TSMC’s latest innovation, 3-nanometer chip production.