86% of Organizations Expect to Suffer a Successful Cyberattack

A whopping 86% of organizations expect to suffer a successful cyberattack in the next year.

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability Being Actively Exploited

Cybersecurity firm Volexity is warning that a serious security vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange is being actively exploited by bad actors.

Trend Micro Gives iPhone Security Edge Over Android

Yesterday, Google announced that it would stop supporting the H.264 video codec in Chrome, and in the process, praised the concept of openness.  That approach isn’t always popular, however, and a Trend Micro exec cited it when stating that Android devices are less secure than the iPhone.

Trend Micro Releases Security App For Android

Earlier this week, a company called Trusteer determined that mobile users are three times more vulnerable to phishing attacks compared to people sitting in front of desktops.  Now, in a move that’ll perhaps help address that problem (and others), Trend Micro has released its first security app for the Android platform.

More Employees Visiting Social Networks At Work

Even though more companies are regulating social networking sites, employees are finding ways around security blocks, according to a new survey from Trend Micro.

The survey included 1,600 users in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan, found globally social networking at work increased from 19 percent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2010. The highest increase in social networking in the workplace during the last two years was found among users in the U.K., which had a 6 percent increase, and Germany with a 10 percent increase.